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Thread: "Impersonator" Tools released for UT2004

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    "Impersonator" Tools released for UT2004

    Can't say I've had chance to try them personally, but in short, "As part of Epicís commitment to providing outstanding support and features for mod authors using Unreal Tournament 2004 as a mod platform, Epic integrated a licensed version of the Impersonator speech and facial animation tool from OC3 Entertainment, making it easy for mod authors to create realistic and emotive talking characters. "

    Sounds interesting, anyway. And it's free.

    Get it here

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    Dammit, I'm really getting persuaded to buy 2k4.
    BUT IT'S SO UGLY. (he said, based soley on the demo and various screenshots of what are probably half-assed fan maps)

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    The menu is ugly, if thats what you're talking about. I hope you don't spend <i>too</i> much time staring at the menu. If you're going to finally go out and get it, someone on the UnrealPlayground forums posted a link where you can get it for $30. Good deal...
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    Ugly? Au contraire, mon capitaine!

    And that's on a GeForce 4 MX (yeah I know, don't hit me... it came in the PC I bought two years ago)

    Mmh, Impersonator sounds good. I guess we'll be seeing more of those... game movies. Wait, there's a term for them. GO GO GOOGLE! Ah yes, Machinima.

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    Yus, I concur with Eshaktaar, UT2K4 is puurty. Especially some of the CTF and DM maps - whilst Onslaught is very refreshing to play, the levels don't have the same wow factor as the other game types (apart from the sheer size of the things).

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    Previously Important
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    In retrospect, it was probably unfair to have based too many opinions on the crappiness of the interface and on screenshots of gay maps. But that was helpful in rationalising the lack of cash necessary to buy the game, so I felt better about it

    Probably I will pick up 2k4 if I can find it cheaply enough.

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    Yeah, don't download it; it's 6 CD's, it'll take forever.

    *I MEAN the graphics alone make 2004 worth buying. Onslaught maps are uglier, but they get the job done and guarantee that you won't be playing any other game-mode for months.

    ONS is a refeshing step toward Battlefield 1942... 'Better' because the movement is fast, fluid, and without mouse-lag... 'Worse' because it's not very strategic and everyone just kind of runs off and does their own thing.

    n00bs own UT2004, wheras Stratego's own Battlefield.

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    Totally OT, but going with your OT...

    This is the best way to combat piracy and give gamers what they want. Make your game so great that it takes up 6 CDs or a DVD. Its a big deterrent to people who try to download instead of buy. When someone puts all the cd's in a huge archive, they tend to have the least amound of sources and the slowest speeds, and when you have to find all 6 CDs individually, you have a good chance of them being mis-named. Its frustrating enough to make my friends buy it.

    And some of us would rather more strategy in UT2004, but we can't all get together and...strategize.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuggles
    And some of us would rather more strategy in UT2004, but we can't all get together and...strategize.
    True... I dont think the gameplay allows for much strategy; it's too fast, and too based in a world where speed and instant-respawning take control of your mind, making you not even bother to try anything fancy.

    However, strategy aside, I've seen some impressive blitzkrieg when a group of people/vehicles move together and rush nodes. Whenever they "go together" they succeed.

    In Battlefield, if you dont have a strategy, or if you dont hide, or do things artfully, you'll spend an awful lot of time waiting for the spawn count-down. Running out in the open in Battlefield is just asking for a bullet in the head or an artillery shell. You need/use the same strategy you'd need/use in real life.


    Back OT (On-Topic), I wonder why they released those tools. I mean, cool, but I dont think any mods will ever come out with talking; let alone moving mouths that are lip-synched.

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    Oh, I dunno. It opens up opportunities for people to do credible cutscenes with headshots of character models. Anyone remember the ONP mod for Unreal?

    From what I've seen, there are more than enough talented character modellers out there, finding decent voice actors (i.e. not the level designer's girlfriend's mother) is a bigger problem.

    Although, of course, 50% of those modellers are obsessed with making:

    • Guns (MP5)
    • Terrorist/Anti-Terrorist Forces Models
    • Guns (Other)

    ...rather than decent lipsync capable heads.


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    Also paves the way for more purty machinima.

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    The times of A. Me having UT2004, B. Me looking at Red Orchestra, and C. Red Orchestra being released for UT2004 finally coincided yesterday.

    RO is a mod that certainly could make use of some lip-synched cinematics, since its already full of military men.

    OT: My UT2004 folder is 9.1GB with all the mods and maps I've downloaded.
    P2P does not stand for 'permission to pilfer,' Ashcroft said

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    Holy shiznit, Wuggles. A few years ago, there weren't Hard drives that big.

    I still haven't seen half the DM, CTF, AS, or BR maps... And I just added about 30 with the 2 community bonus packs. Indeed UT is a saturated market.

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