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Thread: Tutorials for UT2k4 UEd?

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    Tutorials for UT2k4 UEd?

    I've been all over the web looking at/for tutorials for the UEd that came with UT2k4 without much luck.

    The tuts I've found are okay but I come across some stufff showing that it is a different version (older) than the one I have. Things like the position of the sheet brush button and zoneinfo hierarchies being wrong (for me).

    Where can I get a solid UT24k tut that starts from the basics?

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    Have you checked all the editing links?

    Most of what applies for 2k3 should be useful for 2k4, because the basics haven't really changed.

    Anyway, your best bet is to wander over to UDN, start here, and work through. The intro there is helpful. There really isn't a better set of tutorials than those at UDN. Cover all those and you'll be well on the way.

    Also, this looks good. It's all there in the list of links
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    I've been going through some tutorials for UT2003. There are definate differences. The way you create water for example. And all the terrain tutorials have sucked. I've seen the list of links, nothing jumped out at me. I'll investigate those, thanks.

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    Location: Caer Weasel, Uelekevu is sometimes a better (clearer) reference for many things. Also contains Blitz' most excellent rundown on Advanced AI techniques. The majority of things in 2k4 are either identical to 2k3 or so close it wouldn't take a genius to figure out where things are different. In those rare occasions when you can't see what's changed, there will nearly definitely be a tut online somewhere.

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