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Thread: UT2004 EULA update

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    UT2004 EULA update

    This is kinda groovy, even if it might not affect too many TTLGers.

    We just LOVE the idea of you using and distributing content from any prior Epic Games, Unreal franchise game in Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod. Therefore we grant you a license to use to use content any prior Epic Games Unreal franchise game in Unreal Tournament 2004 Mods. For the sake of clarity you will not gain any ownership whatsoever in any Epic content nor can you use any Epic content outside the scope of the rights granted here. Any attempt to do so will bring about the wrath of our attorneys.

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    Best EULA ever.

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    Yup, just saw this on BeyondUnreal, good to see.

    Especially pleasing for me as it gets me off the hook for sneaking a couple of UT textures into my MSU entry

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