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Thread: A modding team is looking for a PRODUCER

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    A modding team is looking for a PRODUCER

    A MODDING TEAM (grand total of one programmer and one artist) is looking for a PRODUCER

    A friend of mine and myself have decided to create two self-contained action-adventure games as mods -- one for Deus Ex and one for Half-Life 2. We are willing and able to work on them and finish them, but we have both been members of projects past that never saw the light of day -- what due to lack of dedication of our team members, what due to shifty organization, what due to small hurdles that were never jumped over.

    This time we are approaching our endeavour differently. We are looking for a producer, to work in a non-creative capacity. That is to say, somebody who has carried a few indie projects like our own to completion. Someone who is going to set us up with a reasonable schedule and fill us with a sense of dread and guilt over the looming milestones. Needless to say, this is a free endeavour, a product of our free time; the producer should not expect to be paid in anything other than authority and maybe respect.

    We will not be starting from zero. A lot of work has already gone into these projects, but there have been long pauses in developement. You will not have to learn everything about both games from the start. We would bring one game nearer to completion before continuing work on the other one. If you are interested, follow the link to a temporary web page with more details and contact info.

    Stevan AKA Kingzjester

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    I suggest using an engine that isn't so dated, firstly, for the Mansion/5days Mod. Perhaps Doom 3 or Half Life 2. The Deus Ex Engine isn't bad, it's just older.

    And you really have no concepts or storylines posted for either, so I'm not sure that anyone at all will see anything to have interest in.

    And I think you want a Game Designer / Project Leader, not a Producer. Or maybe I'm getting caught up in the wording, but a Producer is, I think, basically the liason between the Publishing Company and the Team that is making the game. Since both projects are modifications using other engines, unless you own licensed copies of those engines, it isn't likely you'll get published (unless you make one hell of a mod).

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    The engine for the Deus Ex mod is pretty much fixed. Too much has been done coding-wise already to scrap it all and start over. Most of it is based on Deus Ex code, even though some of that is bypassed or stripped out. Deus Ex has a lot of things I'd have to do myself in another Unreal Engine game or any other modern game.

    As for producer vs. project lead -- I don't see how it's that much off. And the title doesn't matter that much as the text says whom we want. But perhaps we should make the text more clear. And no, we don't plan to find a publisher the mods.

    Perhaps we should indeed tell more about the stories...

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    Well... I have a good idea for a hl2 mod.
    it's stealth-based and combines cs with theif and splinter cell
    it's called cloak and dagger
    but i need a team
    so if you want to join my mod
    email me:
    we have a website but my lazy webmaster is busy making the new template
    and the site is really out-dated and im a bad artist, so ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erkki
    The engine for the Deus Ex mod is pretty much fixed.
    Actually, we are switching to Source (most likely)

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