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Thread: AnimLight Slide Smoothly

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    AnimLight Slide Smoothly

    Is it possible to turn on a previously turned off AnimLight with the slide smoothly or random but coherent property in the same way as it is done with minimum brightness?
    Or is there another way to implement this? I just want to get an animated glow at the right moment.

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    all AnimLights, if turned off with a TurnOff message (e.g. from a lever, relay, or other script) can be turned back on again with a TurnOn message, and will resume their previous behaviour. this includes Slide Smoothly and Random but Coherent.

    if by "previously turned off" you mean an AnimLight that you have set to be off in the editor, but want to turn back on during the game to have one of these behaviours: then no, you cant do that directly, as only the "maximum brightness"/"minimum brightness" and "smoothly brighten"/"smoothly dim" pairs have an "off" state that you can set in the editor.

    what you have to do instead is to set the light to be on in the editor (with Slide Smoothly or whichever behaviour you want), and have it be turned off immediately when the game starts. you can do this with an auto-activating lever that is CD-linked to the light (set its Tweq>Joints State to On+Reverse), or you can apply the Difficulty>Turn On (Off) property to the light with all difficulties unchecked*, or by any other method that can send a TurnOff message as the game begins.

    *note that difficulty processing does normally not happen in dromed, so you would only see the effects of this when running the mission in the game proper; but you can use the NVDifficultyDebug script to simulate difficulty processing whenever you enter game mode, to work around this.

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    I've been using reverse levers for a long time, but I didn't realize that it could be used in this context.

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