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Thread: The Fall

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    Finally got around to playing this. I have to agree with the general consensus that it's a great tablet game that loses it's appeal when played on a PC. The biggest pros, of course, are the story and the fan service. It's also pretty neat that they managed to capture the general look of DXHR on a portable device.

    The biggest negative, discounting the design aspects that were clearly made with a tablet in mind (disappearing bodies, tardis store, limited movement) is how glitchy certain things are. The interface is an unresponsive mess, forcing you to wait a moment before selecting menu items or it simply refuses to acknowledge your clicks. The way talking to NPC's will take priority over picking up the object you're staring at is annoying. I had a few cases, in what is a short game, where I fell through the level geometry. I've had the AI see me through a solid wall (which is kind of odd, since they're normally as blind as the AI in the first DX). The difficulty is almost insulting (beat the entire game without using a weapon except for the tutorial), and that includes the use of the personality augment which directly tells you how to deal with the NPC you're talking to (in DXHR, you still had to think a little bit about what you were doing in conversations). And of course, there's the cliffhanger ending with no sequel in sight.

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    lol none of those bugs were in the tablet version. But yeah, it was still stupidly easy even on mobile (and I imagine the PC controls made that even worse) and the cliffhanger/length sucks.

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    Is there a way to play The Fall on iOS in 2023? The game appears to have been pulled from the App Store.

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    Wow, I had forgotten all abou this game. No idea if it's playable on iOS, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not.

    I poked around a bit and looks like someone actually modded the PC version to improve FOV and such things. And it's currently on sale. Hmm, maybe I should finally play this thing.

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    That is a cool find, henke! I might end up opting for the PC port if the mod fixes major problems that weren't there on Android and iOS.

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    If you really want to play The Fall, you may as well go for the PC version. You're not missing anything by playing on PC vs. tablet. Just don't expect it to play like a Human Revolution expansion pack. The watered down, easy gameplay means The Fall won't offer a challenge, and the new story branch is a dead end. So I only recommend it if you're like me and just can't leave a Deus Ex hub level unexplored.

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    Deus Ex: The Fall v0.0.36rc

    Ultimately, I opted for emulating the Android version with BlueStacks 5 on a Windows laptop with a touchscreen. BlueStacks made it possible to add WASD controls and mouse aiming, which was awesome.

    I was surprised by how much I liked The Fall. Completing the whole game with all side quests, taking my time to explore each area, took about 10 hours. I enjoyed every single one of them.

    Elements I liked:
    • The small-scale conspiracy around the Neuropozyne shortage in this episode of the planned series is embedded into a larger story about the Tyrants and the Illuminati.
    • The producers were able hire the original voice actors of Bob Page, Jaron Namir and Lawrence Barrett. Having their voice talents makes The Fall feel connected to earlier titles in the Deus Ex series.
    • The aesthetics from Human Revolution are carried over into this mobile experience. The texture fidelity is much lower of course, but my brain mostly tuned that out soon enough. The graphics look very decent for a mobile game from 2013.
    • The soundtrack is fantastic. I have been listening to it as ambiance since around 2018.
    • There are several instances of non-obnoxious fan service you can find, like an email by Gunther Hermann about his coveted skull gun.
    • There is now an explanation why the mercenaries call themselves "The Tyrants" if you find it in the prologue.
    • The scene with the brutal assassination of the WHO inspector is perfectly choreographed and timed. This was the most exciting scene of the episode and it would have sold me on the rest of the series.
    • I feel the developers managed to find a good balance between non-linearity and streamlining the experience.
    • I snuck by all the guards in the Belltower Hangar and hacked the robot. It felt awesome when it absolutely eviscerated the Belltower guards.
    • I was also able to win the final rooftop confrontation without firing a single shot by hacking the Boxguard droid. Being able to do that even in this scene felt very much like Deus Ex.
    • There is a new game plus. If you restart the episode after completing it, you get to play to play on a higher difficulty, but you keep your abilities and equipment from the first playthrough.

    Could be improved:
    • If you haven't read the book Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, you get thrown into an ongoing story. There is an exposition scene between Ben Saxon and Anna Kelso at the beginning, but it feels stilted. My experience would probably have been better had I read book first and were already familiar with Operation Rainbird and our two main protagonists.
    • The controls are functional, but feel rather awkward. Enabling WASD controls and mouse aim in the Android emulator significantly improved my experience.
    • In the Android version, the menus were frequently unresponsive, but I got used to it.
    • The models of more important NPCs like Alex Vega are nicely modeled despite the platform limitations, but some of the minor NPC models look pretty bad; for example, the female junkie who is looking for Luis in the slums of Panama.

    After I finished the game, I decided to complete it a second time on new game plus.

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    About now you're probably feeling disappointed that they launched this story arc, gave you just enough plot to get sucked in, and then left it with a cliffhanger ending with no sequels to follow. That's how I felt.
    And they did the same thing again with Mankind Divided, where they rebooted Adam Jensen and then left his story hanging.

    Aside from not being a complete story arc, I think it was a solid episode. And the gameplay was solid Deus Ex. When combined with the first person tablet controls, it was too much complexity for what tablet gamers were looking for.

    On PC, it provides an example of what a AA imm sim can offer.

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    I knew the game would end on a cliffhanger, so I did not feel disappointed. What a shame it did not find its market on mobile. The Windows port got savaged online by people who expected the production quality of Human Revolution. I feel sorry for the developers. The Fall is a pretty good game.

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    As a mobile game, it was doomed from the start. It's the wrong kind of game for the platform. But this was made when a lot of people were predicting the demise of consoles and PCs around then, and publishers were sure the future is mobile.

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