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Thread: What if I told you that she loved you so much?

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    What a thing to come back to :-( I was nowhere near as close to Mara as e.g. GBM but I did get to know her enough to miss her a lot now that she is gone... Rest in peace.

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    Does anyone know what really happened?

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    Judith: I've reached out to Mara's boyfriend and her daughter, but to date no one has responded. I don't want to intrude on their privacy, but hope they'll eventually share that information with us.

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    I am so saddened to hear this news about Mara. I never really knew her or her real name until now. I knew she was a pillar of this community and I always enjoyed reading her posts. I don't visit TTLG that often anymore and sadly the last time I did was a year ago to announce to a few people that my mother, Dawggon, a long-time TTLG fan had passed away. She was one of the older ones here at age 88.

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    I miss that crazy lady!

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    I am only on TTLG now and then, today is a now...

    MsLedd, Rest in Peace good Lady Taffer, you were an amazing part of this community.

    God Bless.

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    My condolences.

    It makes me wonder how many others have passed away that first started posting with this forum.

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    When I saw this in the Voice Acting thread, I was shocked. I don't even know what to say. It's been quite a while, and I rarely post here any more, but she was the best. I only had to contact her a handful of times, but she was a very special person; just phenomenal what she did to keep the place working, I can't even imagine...

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    Hey Hit Deity, nice to see you again, hope you are well. Speaking of voice acting, Mara's voice is alive and well, and has been implemented more in Thievery, with an update. A female Thief and female guards have been added to a new mod on Leatherman's server. She did the voices for the 10th anniversary, but was never really used much, her voice is used now, and its great. Her best and funniest voice she did I feel, Kevels Wife. Keeper of the Prophecies. Stellar performance. Hard to believe it's been 4 yrs, we miss you Mara.

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    I still have the last text she sent me the day before. Mara had a huge heart and really did love everyone here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenArts View Post
    Hey Hit Deity, nice to see you again, hope you are well.
    Sorry I missed this back in May, or I would have responded. The month of May would have been 2 months after I accepted my new job (same work, but new place & company) and I am in a much better place that might be more work, but the stress is nowhere near on the same level. I also work more days, but the hours are shorter... that's kind of a mixed-bag: good and bad.

    I hope to spend more time on the ttlg site, but real life has a way of keeping those curve balls comin'. :-)

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    I was building up the courage to post in here. The news of her death came as a surprise, I was casually reading around the site and came about this thread. I couldn't sleep well for a day or two after knowing this.

    I'm so sorry. After all these years I was hoping she was ok.

    Just what was my hallucinated mind believed. The feeling of loss is huge, she was there at the beginning and without her help we would not be here posting today.

    Sorry for the necromancy.
    Formerly Martin Karne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuatDweller View Post
    Sorry for the necromancy.
    There are some threads that are so important that necromancy is irrelevant. We miss her every day.

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