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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Cool urban exploration video of an abandoned Soviet observatory command center in Armenia.

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    Oppenheimer, lots of personal insight from Oppie. More drama than expected. Some scenes are not for the young public.

    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the most action happens in the intro, to bad you can tell where they used CGI to rejuvenate Harrison Ford's face.
    Looks unnatural. There are some tricks that Ford couldn't do without extensive CGI when panning out in the intro.
    Unfortunately the action in general was toned down from the rest of the movie, I know you can't ask Ford to do much jumping right now (and there are always stunts anyway).
    I would rate this movie lower than Kingdom of the Crystal skull.

    The Expendables 4, was expendable after all, interesting but not top of line. Maybe number 2 was superior, if you can say that after all.

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    I watched "Stalker". Turns out it is a horror movie where the horror is existentialism. Never seen such a grimy dirty run down wallowing in filth (literally not figuratively) movie before. Also the horror part never happens.

    Interesting exploration video, Dema. Is that the dish used in the Bond film?

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    The Arecibo Observatory was the one used in the Bond film Golden Eye. It was a lot bigger, the largest dish in the world by far, but the central hanging part of it collapsed a few years ago.

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    Ah Goldeneye good memories.
    "Who's strangling the cat?"
    "Who's str..., Irina, take a hike!"

    The Equalizer 3, well there is a lot of Italian dialogue and setting, I enjoyed it, made me home sick, wanting to go back to Italy. Anyway the action is paced differently than the other Equalizers movies, but still enjoyable. Bad guys bite the dust again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    Never seen such a grimy dirty run down wallowing in filth (literally not figuratively) movie before.
    Isn't it paradoxically beautiful? Turns out, there are a whole bunch of russian films which can compete with Stalker for this title. Hard to Be a God (2013) for example.

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    Last Russian movie I watched was The Flying Car, rater fun in its own way.

    And before that, one about people with some powers the name was something about the night I can't remember the title also Russian.

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    Another couple of Russian movies, The Icebreaker in which the story occurs in 1985, and a Gas Tanker sequestered by sea pirates rescued by Spetznas.

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    I watched Hard to Be a God recently. It certainly lives up to its reputation ... filthy, cluttered, dark, chaotic, visceral, wry, uncompromising, incoherent, more than anything I was even hoping for. I really got into it, but you have to be ready for it or you're going to get lost beneath the sheer volume of clutter and filth it's buried in. It doesn't reach the heights of Stalker, but it puts you in a world you don't forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    I watched Hard to Be a God recently.
    What is the motivation to watch such a movie? I'm asking because it's an act of bravery to watch this from the beginning to the very end. Or act of desperation. One out of two.

    Speaking of desperation. I watched Aguirre, the Wrath of God recently. Surprisingly for me, it's something in between of Stalker and Hard to Be a God. It's boring enough.

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    It's more of an art piece you can have running in the background than a movie really.

    Try getting through a Lav Diaz movie! Norte, The End of History is 4 hours long, and that's one of his shorter, accessible movies. Actually that reminds of how I do get through movies that long or glacial. You just treat them like a tv show and watch them in 1 hour blocks. I'm also not above fast forwarding through parts to get the gist.

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    I watched Greyhound. I had been putting it off because I thought it would be a few exciting scenes amid a general boredom of upper echelon drama. It was nothing of the kind. Aside from the very beginning it was seat gripping action all the way. It's about a fictional destroyer escorting a convoy of merchant and troop ships across the Atlantic past the wolf pack of German subs dubbed the grey wall. I assume it is an amalgam of ships stories from WWII. One can well imagine it being so as certain things line up with such escort missions.

    But what surprised me was the tense action of the battle. As a kid I read books on the battle of Midway and others and knew some of the maneuvers but this really brought them to life. The hunt, the targeting, the sonar, the split second decisions, the heart rending ones, the skill, all added up to much more excitement than any silly Avatar movie. But then, I grew up on stories of the USS Hawkins from my dad, so your mileage may vary. When depth charging causes an oil patch I knew that it may not be a hit but a ruse. Subs developed such a ruse of oil release to survive. Early on it may not have been typical but by the Korean war it was. In such a case size matters. A large patch is a true hit.

    I recall watching early capsule recovery in the Apollo program and hearing the Hawkins mentioned as being refitted for recovery efforts. At such times I would ask dad about his stories of war. He always downplayed them but gave enough information to keep my interest. I recall one where they shelled an ammunition train along the North Korean coast which caused a spectacular explosion. Dad said it burned all night and in his eyes I could tell he was seeing it again. I just wonder what all he left out being modest.

    I know his gun station. I had thought it was only an anti aircraft gun but in this movie I got to see it in action quite a bit. I was surprised to discover it's use as anti sub as well. In fact it was the first gun to take a direct hit in this movie as it is an exposed platform alongside the ship. I suppose my dad was suited for such a weapon as he was used to leading birds when hunting. I know the noise of it damaged his hearing. We used to laugh at some of the things he would make up that we had said to get us to repeat things. He was good at making us laugh. Even now decades later I miss him so much I ache thinking of him.

    The USS Hawkins in a drawing my dad did which became the ships letterhead-

    Here it is picking up a Mercury capsule-

    It ended up being given to South Korea and eventually scrapped though the conning tower is now an outdoor display there. Here is my dads battle station. That is him strapped in the gun seat with hat pulled down. It is featured quite a bit in the movie. One hell of a gun.

    It was good to see a movie dedicated to a destroyer and see it in action. I've been aboard the USS Alabama and sat at a similar gun but it was a battleship proper and nothing as nimble and quick.

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    I have logged every movie I've watched since 2010. There might be a few missing if I never finished them.

    12/02/10 - Slumdog Millionaire
    16/02/10 - Dr. No
    16/02/10 - From Russia With Love
    17/02/10 - Quantum of Solace
    26/02/10 - IT
    27/02/10 - Das Boot
    28/02/10 - The Hurt Locker
    01/03/10 - Clerks
    09/03/10 - They Live
    10/03/10 - Bumer
    12/03/10 - Gomorra
    12/03/10 - Bumer 2
    14/03/10 - Tulpan
    14/03/10 - Brat
    21/03/10 - Planet Terror
    12/04/10 - Sexmission
    15/07/10 - Przesluchanie
    16/07/10 - Dzien Swira
    21/07/10 - Slim Susie
    21/07/10 - Life is Sweet
    22/07/10 - Synecdoche, New York
    22/07/10 - Insomnia
    22/07/10 - Primer
    23/07/10 - Flickering Lights
    24/07/10 - In China They Eat Dogs
    ??/11/10 - Timecrimes
    --/--/-- - Fermat's Room
    23/12/10 - Agora

    14/01/11 - Citizen Kane

    30/04/12 - Le Cercle Rouge
    03/05/12 - A Dangerous Method
    03/05/12 - Fallen Angels
    03/05/12 - Into The Void
    04/05/12 - The Battle of Algiers
    06/05/12 - The Barber of Siberia
    ??/05/12 - For A Few Dollars More
    ??/05/12 - A Fistful of Dollars
    01/06/12 - Prometheus
    04/06/12 - Lawrence of Arabia
    06/06/12 - Tekkonkinkreet
    25/07/12 - Royal Treasure Part 4
    27/07/12 - Bubba Ho-Tep
    28/07/12 - Kalifornia
    29/07/12 - Rainman
    30/07/12 - Heartless
    31/07/12 - Tattoo
    02/08/12 - Easy Rider
    03/08/12 - Eden Log
    07/08/12 - Eastern Promises
    11/08/12 - Simon Magus
    12/08/12 - State of Grace
    12/08/12 - The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz
    13/08/12 - Shame
    23/10/12 - Cosmopolis
    17/11/12 - Little Malcolm
    18/11/12 - Grifters
    24/12/12 - Katyn
    26/12/12 - The Woman in the Fifth
    30/12/12 - Do The Right Thing

    16/01/13 - The Last Detail
    18/01/13 - The Big Gundown
    19/01/13 - Trust
    28/01/13 - Morgiana
    28/01/13 - Rhapsody in August
    29/01/13 - Holy Motors
    29/01/13 - Tokyo Fist
    04/02/13 - Ben Hur
    07/02/13 - Windtalkers
    07/02/13 - Beyond The Black Rainbow
    07/02/13 - Mesrine - Killer Instinct
    15/02/13 - The Human Bullet
    15/02/13 - Black Sun
    16/02/13 - Black's Game
    16/02/13 - The Master
    16/02/13 - Out of the Blue
    16/02/13 - Murder on D Street
    16/02/13 - Gods & Monsters
    16/02/13 - Headhunters of WW2
    16/02/13 - Tyrannosaur
    16/02/13 - Possession
    22/02/13 - Meantime
    16/03/13 - Exodus
    11/05/13 - Hot Shots
    27/06/13 - The Avengers
    28/06/13 - Independence Day
    10/08/13 - Predator
    19/08/13 - sERENITY
    05/09/13 - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    14/09/13 - Assault on Precinct 13
    15/09/13 - The Star Chamber
    19/09/13 - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    23/09/13 - Wild at Heart
    04/10/13 - Dirty Harry
    05/10/13 - The French Connection
    06/10/13 - Taken
    06/10/13 - The World's End
    07/10/13 - The Conformist
    14/11/13 - Barton Fink
    15/11/13 - Malcolm X
    24/11/13 - 25th Hour
    31/12/13 - Casablanca
    31/12/13 - He Got Game

    07/01/14 - Carnage
    09/01/14 - Fantastic Voyage
    12/01/14 - The Man Who Wasn't There
    12/01/14 - White Men Can't Jump
    14/01/14 - Mac and Me
    16/01/14 - Joyeux Noel
    21/01/14 - We Were Soldiers
    27/01/14 - Brotherhood of War
    03/02/14 - Looper
    10/02/14 - End of Watch
    11/02/14 - Viy
    12/02/14 - She's Gotta Have It
    12/02/14 - The Hudsucker Proxy
    20/02/14 - Ronin
    02/03/14 - True Grit
    16/03/14 - Raising Arizona
    09/04/14 - The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
    11/04/14 - Letters From a Dead Man
    11/04/14 - The Bridge on the River Kwai
    17/04/14 - Submarino
    21/04/14 - Clockers
    01/05/14 - Glengarry Glen Ross
    05/05/14 - The Outlaw Josey Wales
    06/05/14 - Cabin in the Woods
    18/05/14 - 12:01
    19/05/14 - Homicide
    21/05/14 - Summer of Sam
    01/06/14 - A Serious Man
    01/06/14 - Oblivion
    02/06/14 - Central do Brasil
    30/06/14 - Last Night
    28/08/14 - Waydowntown
    14/10/14 - One False Move
    14/10/14 - Barbarians at the Gate
    28/10/14 - Enemy

    28/01/15 - Once Upon a Time in the West
    29/01/15 - Calamari Union
    30/01/15 - American Sniper
    16/02/15 - The Dark Knight Rises
    16/02/15 - Le Doulos
    17/02/15 - The Last Days of Disco
    17/02/15 - Gravity
    18/02/15 - Interstellar
    19/02/15 - The Virgin Suicides
    27/02/15 - Gone Girl
    27/03/15 - The Maltese Falcon
    16/04/15 - Soylent Green
    17/04/15 - Diner
    21/04/15 - Eating Raoul
    22/04/15 - House of Games
    28/04/15 - The Brave Little Toaster
    30/04/15 - The Natural
    05/05/15 - Mammoth
    15/06/15 - Seven Samurai
    15/06/15 - The Grand Budapest Hotel
    16/06/15 - Avalon
    17/06/15 - The Warlords
    23/06/15 - The Wolf of Wall Street
    26/06/15 - The Verdict
    10/07/15 - Life is Beautiful
    22/07/15 - Oleanna
    30/07/15 - State and Main
    31/07/15 - Un Flic
    04/08/15 - The Dirty Dozen
    05/08/15 - Tin Men
    05/08/15 - The Big Red One
    06/08/15 - Death Wish 2
    07/08/15 - Secrets and Lies
    09/08/15 - Three Ten to Yuma
    11/08/15 - Ivansxtc
    26/11/15 - Lilya 4-ever
    03/12/15 - 12 Angry Men
    31/12/15 - Death of a President

    13/04/16 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    26/04/16 - Shattered Glass
    28/04/16 - Margin Call
    04/05/16 - Nightcrawler
    04/05/16 - A Few Good Men
    05/05/16 - It's a Wonderful Life
    07/05/16 - Cloud Atlas
    07/05/16 - Gorky Park
    18/05/16 - Wag the Dog
    18/05/16 - Taking Chance
    21/05/16 - Sunset Boulevard
    24/05/16 - The Postman Always Rings Twice
    26/05/16 - Rear Window
    01/06/16 - Paris Je T'aime
    08/06/16 - O Homem Que Copiava
    11/06/16 - Nymphomaniac Vol 1

    15/03/17 - All The President's Men
    04/06/17 - Hamburger Hill
    08/06/17 - Django Unchained
    22/06/17 - Human Centipede
    22/06/17 - American Gangster
    26/06/17 - The King's Speech

    24/01/18 - Mad Max: Fury Road
    24/01/18 - John Wick
    25/01/18 - The Martian
    25/01/18 - The Big Short
    26/01/18 - Donnie Brasco
    20/06/18 - Strange Days
    10/08/18 - The Hunt for Red October
    17/08/18 - Das Boot
    26/08/18 - Crimson Tide
    26/09/18 - The Death of Stalin
    26/09/18 - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    25/11/18 - Jaws
    02/12/18 - In The Mouth Of Madness
    17/12/18 - Philadelphia
    19/12/18 - The Deer Hunter
    19/12/18 - Heat
    22/12/18 - The Imitation Game
    22/12/18 - Cool Hand Luke
    22/12/18 - Unforgiven
    22/12/18 - Gremlins
    26/12/18 - Once Upon a Time in America

    29/03/19 - Alien
    29/03/19 - Goldmember
    15/04/19 - 71
    15/04/19 - A Bronx Tale
    15/04/19 - The Negotiator
    15/04/19 - Rocky
    16/04/19 - Fury
    19/04/19 - The Accountant
    19/04/19 - Rain Man
    20/05/19 - El Cid
    01/06/19 - The Game
    10/06/19 - Donnie Darko
    14/06/19 - Eyes Wide Shut
    14/06/19 - John Wick 2
    15/06/19 - Prisoners
    15/06/19 - The Terminal
    16/06/19 - In Order Of Disappearance
    16/06/19 - Man On Fire
    18/06/19 - Groundhog Day
    18/06/19 - Flight
    19/06/19 - The Warriors
    22/06/19 - Source Code
    22/06/19 - Schindler's List
    22/06/19 - Under Siege
    22/06/19 - Hannibal
    23/06/19 - Red Dragon
    23/06/19 - Frozen Ground
    23/06/19 - Henry V
    24/06/19 - The Bourne Identity
    26/06/19 - Zero Dark Thirty
    01/08/19 - End of Watch
    01/08/19 - Gladiator
    02/08/19 - Dunkirk
    03/08/19 - Wonder Woman
    05/08/19 - The Dead Zone
    05/11/19 - Sicario
    03/12/19 - Die Hard with a Vengeance
    18/12/19 - Final Countdown

    06/01/20 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    26/01/20 - Apollo 13
    26/01/20 - Hunger Games
    26/01/20 - Unthinkable
    26/01/20 - Dragged Across Concrete
    26/01/20 - Margin Call
    27/01/20 - Booksmart
    27/01/20 - Hellraiser
    27/01/20 - The Cemetary Man
    28/01/20 - Do Something, Jake
    04/05/20 - Ready Player One
    04/05/20 - Romper Stomper
    04/05/20 - Showgirls
    05/05/20 - Carlito's Way
    05/05/20 - Frog Dreaming
    05/05/20 - Contagion
    06/05/20 - Cape Fear
    06/05/20 - Midsommar
    06/05/20 - Stir of Echoes
    31/05/20 - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    31/05/20 - 10 Cloverfield Lane
    01/06/20 - Coherence
    01/06/20 - Green Zone
    24/06/20 - Limitless
    24/06/20 - Fallen
    24/06/20 - Black Mass
    03/08/20 - Blade Runner 2049
    06/08/20 - Cobra
    08/08/20 - Demolition Man
    09/08/20 - Identity
    09/08/20 - Awakenings
    10/08/20 - The Judge
    21/08/20 - In The Heart Of The Sea
    21/08/20 - Sisters
    21/08/20 - The Meg

    11/04/21 - Joker
    06/06/21 - Papillon
    12/06/21 - Collateral
    19/06/21 - Erin Brokovitch
    19/06/21 - Ex Machina
    20/06/21 - Cromwell
    27/06/21 - Top Gun
    30/06/21 - Cruel Intentions
    04/07/21 - Casualties of War
    04/07/21 - Tremors
    08/07/21 - The Changeling
    17/07/21 - Johnny Mnemonic
    18/07/21 - Tremors 2
    20/07/21 - Gettysburg
    23/07/21 - Event Horizon
    28/07/21 - The Killing Fields
    29/07/21 - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
    31/07/21 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    14/08/21 - King of New York
    16/08/21 - The Brood
    17/08/21 - Mimic
    20/08/21 - The Goonies
    21/08/21 - Dreamscape
    22/08/21 - Hellbound: Hellraiser II
    28/08/21 - Return of the Living Dead 3
    02/10/21 - Alien Covenant
    09/10/21 - Dressed to Kill
    23/10/21 - The Host
    30/10/21 - Snatch
    20/11/21 - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    21/11/21 - Brazil
    21/11/21 - Trainspotting
    28/11/21 - Human Traffic
    05/12/21 - Delicatessen
    11/12/21 - The House That Jack Built
    12/12/21 - Barry Lyndon
    14/12/21 - The Last of the Mohicans
    22/12/21 - Glory

    04/02/22 - The Rock
    05/02/22 - Con Air
    19/02/22 - Dirty Dancing
    20/02/22 - Dune (2021)
    24/02/22 - Rob Roy
    02/03/22 - Deja Vu
    03/03/22 - Enemy of the State
    05/03/22 - Face/Off
    28/03/22 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
    11/07/22 - The Godfather
    24/09/22 - American Psycho
    05/11/22 - Top Gun: Maverick
    26/11/22 - Crazy People
    03/12/22 - The Irishman
    18/12/22 - The Day of the Jackal
    20/12/22 - Caddyshack
    31/12/22 - Excalibur

    01/01/23 - Mask of Satan
    03/01/23 - Fearless
    08/01/23 - Breaking The Waves
    08/01/23 - Hell or High Water
    09/01/23 - An American Werewolf in London
    11/01/23 - The Rainmaker
    11/01/23 - Day of the Beast
    13/01/23 - All About My Mother
    14/01/23 - Kes
    06/02/23 - WALL-E
    09/02/23 - Toy Story 2
    13/02/23 - Top Secret!
    20/02/23 - Spies Like Us
    26/02/23 - Stand By Me
    16/02/23 - Time After Time
    27/03/23 - Blow Up
    23/04/23 - Spiderman 2
    06/05/23 - Jurassic Park
    06/05/23 - Pulp Fiction
    29/05/23 - War of the Buttons
    29/07/23 - The Dark Knight
    29/07/23 - Oppenheimer
    20/08/23 - Gone Girl
    26/08/23 - Jessabelle
    31/08/23 - The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
    03/09/23 - The Book Thief
    10/09/23 - Shutter Island
    16/09/23 - Reservoir Dogs
    17/09/23 - Le Mans '66
    23/09/23 - Death Watch
    26/09/23 - Good Will Hunting
    30/09/23 - Full Metal Jacket
    01/10/23 - A Beautiful Mind
    12/10/23 - Apocalypse Now: Final Cut
    13/10/23 - Jacob's Ladder
    13/10/23 - The Fly
    14/10/23 - All or Nothing
    15/10/23 - The Fog
    18/10/23 - Rush
    25/10/23 - Network
    02/12/23 - The Hunt
    29/12/23 - Elf

    06/01/24 - The Big Short
    06/01/24 - The Wolf of Wall Street
    14/01/24 - Wall Street
    20/01/24 - Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
    27/01/24 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    27/01/24 - Cross of Iron
    28/01/24 - Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    29/01/24 - Yojimbo
    11/02/24 - Sanjuro
    12/02/24 - The China Syndrome

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    Well, you certainly made up for not posting about them for the past 14 years.

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    1. you only watched one movie in 2011?

    2. please tell me more about SEXMISSION.

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    I watched Citizen Kane and then must've been done for the rest of the year. Not even a movie for Christmas.

    Sexmission was a goofy Polish sci-fi about the last men alive being captured by women for their seed. It was probably really dumb, but I remember not hating it at the time.

    Some definite notables on there:

    Once Upon a Time in the West - I saw a video of a media professor saying it was better than The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (which I had seen and loved). I thought he was just being contrarian, but after watching it, completely agreed. It's been almost nine years, so I'll give it another go this year to see if it still holds up. The way Leone tells stories with glances and other visual elements is pure genius, even if the plot and characters themselves aren't particularly sophisticated. I enjoyed spending a solid portion of the movie not knowing whether or not there was meant to be a 'good guy' or a real protagonist.

    Life is Sweet - I have ploughed through many Mike Leigh films in the past, but this one has stuck with me. I felt the characters etched into my memory for months after, and I returned to this fantastic scene plenty of times.

    Barry Lyndon - This was another 'how good could it be?' watch. I had already seen it before in 2007, remembered enjoying it, but wasn't certain that I believed someone who said it was the best Kubrick. I changed my mind after watching it again in 2021. It's an excellent portrayal of an Irish lowborn who has the pure ambition to succeed in entering the English aristocracy and gain a landed title, but has character flaws which prevent him from securing his ambitions. Also, OMG SHE'S YOUR COUSIN, GET OVER IT!

    Some other mentions:

    Most horrible: Ivansxtc - The only movie I want to scrub from memory. It was an adaptation of The Death of Ivan Ilyich. The last scene has him dying of lung cancer and haemorrhaging in hospital. Part of me thinks that a movie only has to be memorable to be worthwhile.

    Trying to be outlandish: The House that Jack Built - A Lars von Trier about a serial killer. Ever since he got kicked out of Cannes for being cringe he has to innovate even harder than before for outrage. I also saw Breaking the Waves not that long ago and found it much more impressive.

    The last one I watched: The China Syndrome - a fairly decent thriller about a camera crew who witness an incident at a nuclear power plant while filming a segment, and the resulting cover-up. Released 7 years before the Chernobyl accident.

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    Breaking the Waves was a pretty interesting movie, never mind LvT. I haven't watched many of his other films, because his tendency to go for the throat in terms of emotional reaction's a bit much. Still plan to get around to Antichrist someday, but when your movie opens with a baby falling out a window while the parents are having sex, you know it's a statement of intent.

    Anyhoo, I've been watching For All Mankind, though I cannot for the life of me understand why I continue to. The premise is neat: an alternate history where the Russians landed on the moon first, and the Cold War went through a different perambulation because of that. It's helmed by Ron Moore; you know, some guy who did writing for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and then had the temerity to reboot Battlestar Galactica as a science fiction 9/11 parable.

    Except, like BSG, For All Mankind starts off strong, then ensures it frustrates you entirely by focusing on the things it's not good at, which is the drama. This is a much bigger problem in FAM because BSG had a bunch of likeable characters who got developed in ways that made sense at least half of the time, and the conflicts between them mostly worked (until the show shoved sense out of an airlock and decided the ineffableness of religion was its true focus). If you're going to write drama, your characters must be able to carry it.

    FAM has one-dimensional people put into contrived situations 98% of the time, with lines and reactions that probably read good on paper but come off as baby's first teleplay in action. Part of that is the direction, but I can't fault the performances: the actors do what they can with the material, but what they're asked to do is so poorly constructed at times that it beggars belief. Every bit of character drama here feels so manufactured that beyond the obvious reasons (come up with a plot concept, then write the characters around it), I wondered if these writers just new to the whole deal of writing. And the answer is no, some of them even worked with Ron back in his Star Trek days. But maybe that's part of the problem: Star Trek works because its episodic nature demands strong archetypes built to withstand episodic writing. FAM is serialised in nature, which means you can jettison the archetypes and let the characters develop over time. My theory is they overestimated their ability to pull off what The Sopranos or Mad Men did, which was to start with an interesting base and then layer in depth and complexity with their protagonists as time went on. Four seasons in, FAM still feels like it's moving around the cardboard cutouts you'd find in some run of the mill 90s network TV show, and it's never going to feel less than contrived in the situations it forces upon them.

    Which is a shame, because the things it's actually okay to kind of good at are (some of) the politics and the space exploration parts. If they'd focused more on these, written up stronger character bases, then... I guess you'd have Star Trek or BSG?

    Which is no bad thing: stick to what you're good at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neb View Post
    I have logged every movie I've watched since 2010. There might be a few missing if I never finished them.
    Ah, Tekkonkinkreet was a mixed bag, but a very unique film. You probably want to watch the Satoshi Kon anime films (the guy died young after directing 4 masterpiece films). Tokyo Godfathers, Millenium Acrtress, Paprika and Perfect Blue.

    Some other old films I watched relatively recently that I really enjoyed:

    Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) great racing / road movie with some cool shots

    American Graffiti (1973) George Lucas' teen / coming of age movie. Definitely one of the great teen movies and better than most of the 1980s stuff.

    Son of the White Mare (1981, Hungarian, animated). this is some of the trippiest shit you'll ever see. It's based on Hungarian folklore.

    Edit: just noticed Neb got around to Yojimbo (1961, Akira Kurosawa). This one is notably because Sergio Leone literally stole the entire plot almost exactly shot by shot to make A Fistful of Dollars. There's stuff that "rips off" popular films then there's was Sergio Leone did to Yojimbo, which is taking things to another level you wouldn't believe exists in ripping something off.

    District 9. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but it's a really unique take on science fiction action which deals with real world issues. I had thought this had something to do with Peter Jackson, it turns out that it was because he helped fund the film on the strength of the short film treatment the creator had released.

    Network 1976. Very enjoyable black comedy / social satire.

    I also noticed Neb watched Top Secret! which is by the Zuckers-Abrams-Zucker (ZAZ) team. They also directed the (first) Airplane movie in 1980 (but they didn't make Airplane 2), and their proto-film with some great moments was the sketch-comedy film Kentucky Fried Movie from 1977. Later, they directed the Leslie Nielson-starring Police Squad (TV) + Naked Gun series. I've watched Police Squad a couple of times and am about to get into the Naked Gun trilogy next.
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    Dune Part 2 (2024) - 5/5
    A triumph in both filmmaking and writing. Finally some good food from Hollywood.

    The writing was utterly fantastic.
    Chani remaining the moral compass to the bitter end, fighting against the cult of personality, false prophet puppetry. Jessica and other Bene Gesserits manipulating the shit of everybody. Execution of even minor characters like the one played by Lea Seydoux was so good, a stone cold femme fatale wrapping even that highly intelligent and cunning younger Harkonnen nephew around her little finger.

    The rest of modern Hollywood should take notes on how to write properly from this film.

    I hope we get to see future adaptations of later stories where the Atreides bloodline get redeemed. (I know that the sandworm god emperor guy maintains his sanity, but begrudgingly tolerates the cult worship of himself to maintain order and peace in the galaxy.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    Sure he wasn't one of the handful of titans, but he wasn't a slouch either. I just watched a nice video walking through his contributions to physics. There were two big things that he jumped the gun on, just without connecting the last piece, Dirac's prediction of positrons and the theoretical discovery of the mechanism for the creation of black holes. Anyway, I think it's fair for a movie like this to thumb the scale a bit just out of literary license since it's ultimately a story for the public, sort of like they also did with Steven Hawking because the public adores him so much.
    You're such a fool, Demagogue. An accomplished plasma physicist expresses her opinion on a physicist's value, and you respond with a Youtube video.

    Go watch some videos about China instead.

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    Well we're chatting on a forum for video games to begin with. But if you're bringing it up, what's special about that video is that it's actually walking through his published papers. That's as close as one can hope to get to the source in a package accessible enough for people posting on a video game forum.

    It's not like I was counter-arguing you; it was giving context to the gallery about why the movie might want to thumb that scale.

    Edit: Actually, I guess I need to make this explicit. Obviously the video isn't for you because you're going to be light years ahead of it; it's for the readers (with no background in this at all) following the argument to get the gist in an accessible package. I can understand you getting miffed if you thought I was trying to trump your expertise with a video like that, but I didn't post it with any intention of telling you something you don't already know x1000 more than I do. But I can see that it looks like I did. So apologies for not being more thoughtful about that.

    But anyway, I wasn't even disagreeing with you, sheesh. I wouldn't say he approached Max Born with Max Born himself being a minor constellation. I wasn't claiming to be any expert, but even with what I think I know I'm not disagreeing with that. I think my point was it's not like he was a community college physics teacher/slouch. He was competent for what he was doing and there was a professional respect; which is what I'm thinking the thumbing of the scale was conveying for the target audience in the context of an admittedly pretty hagiographic portrayal. (Edit: One problem with the movie's portrayal I'll grant is that it distorts what his talents were that made him so effective as the head of the Manhattan project; they weren't from the influence of his work or reputation as a physicist.)

    You don't have to call me a fool or get hostile over trying to put it into context and think through what the movie may be trying to do in the context of your valid point.

    Edit: Well, back up, the main point is that the movie was having Oppenheimer portrayed, and reacted to by others, in a way that people in that field at that time wouldn't have recognized or even found a little laughable, so there's an inauthenticity to it. That's a good point. I think the movie was trying to do something else with that portrayal for its target audience that was outside the frame of the profession, which was what I was trying to get at and why I didn't even think I was contradicting you, that also crossed that line in a way that makes your complaint justified. I used to post walls of text with all these kinds of caveats, but then no one reads them at all...

    If you want to think about it this way, the point I'm wanting to make is now clearer & more solid than it was from that post, so in that way, your push back is doing good work in making me do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchic Fox View Post
    You're such a fool, Demagogue. An accomplished plasma physicist expresses her opinion on a physicist's value, and you respond with a Youtube video.
    ... A youtube video in which they're interviewing a physics professor.

    And I really hope you were just kidding there, because the entire statement is just a bunch of obvious logical falllacies glued back to back:

    Ad Hominem attack, to start with

    Then instead of addressing what the person said bringing up some previous unspecified "accomplished plasma physicist" and claiming that's who the speaker is contradicting: that's the


    Appeal to Authority

    Shifting the goalposts

    Non-Sequitor (e.g. "how dare you insult the Queen" when the Queen was never mentioned)

    Red Herring why is plasma physics even mentioned here? It's not actually relevant to the argument at all, since a plasma physicist isn't any more or less able to have an opinion on a theoretical physicist than anyone else.

    Also the phrasing was suspiciously vague yet oddly specific. There are a number of fallacies related to that. Misleading Specificity, Half-Truths, Missing Context etc. Without more specifics how can we be certain Oppenheimer didn't run over her dog, or she's a hardcore McCarthyist? That's the problem with vague evidence.

    Then the part about being skeptical purely because it's a youtube video:

    Appeal to ridicule

    Argument from incredulity

    You can try for the trifecta by now claiming the physicist professor in the video isn't physics professor enough for you ("but I said *accomplished* physicist") which would be:

    No True Scotsman

    Or, maybe you could have claimed that if we accept what's in youtube videos, before you know it, everyone would be having an opinion, which is the Slippery Slope Argument

    The efficiency with which this statement delivers fallacies is actually impressive.
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    Sounds like all y'all need to chill out a bit. Have a video to watch.

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