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Thread: So I played Deus Ex The Fall (On mobile)

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    So I played Deus Ex The Fall (On mobile)

    It was actually pretty darn good! Yeah it was wonky and certainly simplified, but still in terms of bringing Deus Ex Human Revolution to a mobile device I think they did a great job and I'm sad that there will not be a second part to it like it was originally planned. Still, for 99 cents I enjoyed it and started a second playthrough to see what other routes I can take, plus do the one side quest I missed. I've certainly paid way more for way worse.

    Plus I can now say I've beaten every single Deus Ex game!

    Mind the PC port is still shite on a kite.

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    Yep, I played it on mobile a couple times through before the PC version came out and I was really impressed with it. Trying to translate the DXHR gameplay to mobile was a foolhardy endeavor, but they did a really amazing job making it work. Of course it wasn't going to be good ported directly to PC because it wasn't made for that medium.

    I'm in strong agreement about wanting part 2 - leaving a cliffhanger then cancelling the series was not nice. Anachronox all over again.

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    Prior to The Fall, I had never played a first person game on a tablet before. I didn't like it much; it was frustrating to control and I didn't feel immersed. When the PC port came out, I played it again and liked it. Yeah, the interface was dumbed down and a bit clunky compared to a real PC game, and there were a few clipping bugs, but it looked pretty decent for a low budget game and the immersion came back.

    I also want a part 2. I think the story line they started with The Fall is potentially way more interesting than the one they started with Mankind Divided.

    And at this point in the franchise, I think they would do better by producing AA quality episodic content every 1-2 years rather than trying to produce another AAA quality blockbuster every 5 years. I spent all of Mankind Divided marveling at all the detail they put into the levels and the density of things to see and do in the Prague neighborhoods. But by the end, the sum total didn't seem very satisfying. I've come to expect a deep story and globetrotting adventure from a Deus Ex game, and it wasn't there. If they could tone down the detail a bit and produce a new setting/hub every 2 years, I would prefer that.

    Besides, I think the accumulated Deus Ex canon doesn't really leave much room for big endings anymore where you decide the fate of the world, which is kind of what you need to close out a AAA blockbuster Deus Ex title.

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    It would be hilarious to do a sequel for each ending - each of which has 3+ endings. You will NEVER run out!

    Played DX:tF on PC. I liked it well enough. Yeah it had problems, but it had good stuff, too. Maybe too easy, but that's true of a lot of the DX IP.

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