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Thread: The Dark Forest and other projects

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassoferrol View Post
    When are you going to release more high-res objects?
    It is unlikely that a new version will come out. I am working on my commercial projects for Unreal and Unity stores.
    I noticed that only a few people were interested in this mod. Most people still prefer the vanilla stuff. Although some models from my Thief mod are also sold from time to time, this does not motivate me.

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    The Dark Forest Update:

    It takes too much time to find and prepare new assets for the project. But at least now there is enough new content to fill any location.

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    Ah, give it up, man! You should just stick to stock resources and render with texture filtering off! The effect would be more authentic!

    Amazing stuff, really!

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    One of my favorite missions are those that sent you deep into Pagan territory with all their twisted nature areas. I am looking forward to this and the wild nature areas =).

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    Sick! I can't stop thinking about your projects, especially the KoI 3... I'm addicted to checking this thread for new screenshots and infos. Maybe there will be a short pre-release trailer soon?...

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    I cant wait for this masterpiece. Keeper of infinity 3 dark forest has the potential to become the best adventure fan mission. I hope it has a great dark atmosphere, interesting events like Keeper of infinity 1 and 2 and lot of dangers ! The screenshots look already perfect. Keeper of infinity is one of the best fan mission series. Thx for your efforts !

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