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Thread: C5: The Focus.. ?

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    Provided you are playing on Normal, that behavior is intentional. Returning the ring is, in fact, a bonus objective, but it will only trigger when playing on either Hard or Expert.

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    Samantha sent me a save, she had placed the gold ring on the wrong table. When I placed it on the side table the objective completed correctly, so all good.

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    Fortuni I donīt get it.. I tried placing the ring on both tables and nothing worked for me You said I have to place it on the bedside table, but I did do that and nothing happened. I pressed R, the key you have to press when you want to drop an objective.. so what did I do wrong?

    Oh and to remove all confusement: I placed it on the bedside table in the room where the guy sleeps and the scroll was in a crate.

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