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Thread: FAO: Kieron Gillen

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    What have I been lured into? I don't have humour. Or a sense of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by O'Shuva
    Each to their own, I suppose. I miss half the reviews section. It was probably just a shortage of games. Oh well. I suppose it'll grow back in a few months.
    Er, it's officially one review shorter than the previous month, I believe.

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    I wouldn't bother much with this thread anymore.
    The knobjockey who started it has been banned on account of Extreme Muppetry in the Comm Chat forum.

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    Aww what? What did he do?

    Edit: Oh yeah, it was just a matter of time really. But he'll be back some time or other.
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    Well, that's what you get for being bright and hateful.

    I, meanwhile, am stupid and hateful, and have no reason to back up my mindless rage bar fizzy pop and my console toys.

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