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    Is the cassandra project to be contiued?

    the first installation was severly immense

    i mean it would really Own, with all those new or modified things in the project, it would be a shame not to continue the legacy!

    so is the Narcissus Entity still going?

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    Thanks for your kind words.

    While we never rule anything out, it's unlikely that Cassandra will be continuing in the present form. DXEd has finally beat us by no longer even working on our the two mapper's new PCs.

    Though, as James Bond says, never say never.

    EDIT: Team are talking about doing something else together at some point, certainly.


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    this cant be, your lying oO
    This mod is the best deus ex mod ive played so far. Iam very interested in good character development and a deep story. The leveldesign is just excellent, a whole new level of quality. You cant stop the development of CP. Btw, perhaps i could help you a bit... i could do some 2d work (textures, etc)
    you can look at my previous works (mainly webdesign) here:
    just contact me by icq (156979766) or reply here if you are interested

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    i am dying without more of it

    i shall help out if needed but i wont be able to help out much as im already working on a mod The Nobovrisk Conspiracy

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    Domain name registration (Step 1 of 5)

    Your domain name: NOVCON.TK

    This domain name NOVCON.TK is still available and you can register it now!

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    o well try at the dxalpha forums Click "The Nobovrisk Forums" here

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