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Thread: Fallout 4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    ...(Minor spoilers regarding a sidequest in Diamond City - "Diamond City Blues")
    But wait, what's this? I can't accept the guy's promise? No. The only options are to either kill the guy, or tell him that his promise isn't good enough in various different ways.
    Telling him that just his promise isn't good enough, he then goes off and starts describing how he is involved with smuggling chems into the city (which has nothing to do with any topic at hand), and then how he wants to betray the smuggler and make off with both the caps and the chems, and he somehow wants me to help. Maybe he thinks that a promise coming from someone who would backstab and betray his business partners is more valuable?
    At this point, I want to tell him that I'm not interested in his dirty smuggling business, but of course I can't do that. My only options now are to either accept his random job (which is still completely unrelated to the point at hand), or to decide I don't like him and want to kill him.

    This. Quest. Makes. No Sense.
    This quest probably makes less sense than all the other nonsense in the game put together.
    Sheogorath's quest from Daggerfall where he asked you to invite a vampire ancient for tea made more sense than this.
    I did this same quest. After talking to Paul and finding that things got a bit hairy if I brought him along, decided to talk to Henry the bartender alone and convince him to ban Paul's wife from the bar. I went with Henry to the chems deal, yeah they didn't give me a good transition to that part either. I bombed the chems deal, literally, with artillery fire. Somehow Henry survived and I spoke to him after everyone else at the deal was already dead, then he decided to shuffle off. He must have gotten into some trouble afterwards as his daughter tracked me down in Diamond City later and accused me of killing her father Henry. The next time I see him, Paul Pembroke says something to the effect of "Now what can you do to ruin my life more than you have?".
    Long story short, too many bugs involved for this quest to go smoothly. Nothing makes sense. No one is happy but me... ah... sweet therapeutic artillery fire.

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    Well, this game has now got the dubious distinction of the first game I have ever permanently deleted from my steam account.

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    That seems a bit harsh, but I admit after my initial enthusiasm for the game, I haven't had much interest in returning. Which includes buying/playing any of the DLC.

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    It was like having a Dan Brown book on the shelf. It just sat there staring at me, reminding me how much of a waste of time and money it was. Can't sell it, so in the bin it went! Annoying, but I feel better for it.

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    I'm digging into it now, and it's the first game I've bought again after previously getting a Steam refund. It isn't a particularly good game: Awful engine, mediocre shooter, poor RPG with crappy writing, but I've been entertained enough to keep coming back, so I'm definitely having fun.

    Probably the thing which bothers me the most is enemy AI (especially mutants) which either just bum-rush you or run away when damaged.

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    I keep seeing people comparing FO4 to the Witcher 3, and aside from W3 having 2.5 times as many people working on it, it also doesn't allow nearly the player freedom that the newer Bethesda games do. W3 is an action RPG in an open world; Bethesda used to make those (see TES 1-3) but have moved on to making worlds with some RPG bits thrown in there. And unlike other open world games, I can actually put a pile of time into a Bethsoft game (or Fallout NV) without being bored out of my mind.

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    While I'm disappointed by the lack of roleplaying elements in FO4, I really think the world design is better than it's ever been. I thought it took much longer before that feeling of "haven't I seen this before" started to kick in than any other open world game I've ever played.

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    I just finished playing the Far Harbor DLC and I found it mildly interesting (I enjoyed and played the hell out of FO 4). I was irritated with the fog on the island for obscuring things at the most inconvenient times and the fact that you can only establish four settlements on the island, but otherwise it was okay. I think I had a distinct advantage though because I was already at level 96 when I started playing FH and had X-01 power armor modded to near perfection, as well as some pretty big 'toys' to do some damage with. I think all that made the DLC a little less challenging for me.

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    Try it with Survival mode on, Dia. Far Harbor is the best DLC for this game by far already without it, but when I set my game to Survival, the island was as engrossing and believable as Vvardenfell was for Morrowind.

    I stopped playing my original run recently when I tried to recruit the Vault Tec rep and didn't count on him needing an escort. He died en route. Being in Survival mode, I had no save game recent enough back to warrant a retread. That and the fact there are other random characters you can come across and recruit I found out had spawn points taken over by the Automatron DLC. I've since restarted the game as the Nora character. This time I'll do it right.

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