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Thread: New Alan Wake footage

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    post of the month

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    Fails to mention my hatred of weaboos and Voss is for fags, Baur H-AR all the way.

    So I can only give it 8/10

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    Hahaha, Sulphy that was beautiful.

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    Thank you all, thank you. *bows*

    Kokes, that was in part 2. Which I repeatedly attempted and then wiped altogether, because I couldn't type more than one sentence without feeling an intensely uncomfortable tightness from the tent being pitched in my shorts.

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    So I got this for next to nothing at the last steam sale. The PC version is very nice, great visuals, smooth controls, all DLC included... the game gets off to a very strong start. Very heavy reminiscences of Silent Hill 2 and Twin Peaks (the latter highlighted by the game's gimmick division into episodes), but all in all it starts out very fun. It's losing me a bit as I go on, though, as the story gets a bit more convoluted and the gameplay starts to feel like a bit of a slog around episode 3 - it's very repetitive, and stretched out excessively with pointless HL2-style diversions. This repetition kills any sense of horror, and the lack of variation in the environments, despite the great visuals, also hurts this. Altogether the gameplay starts to feel like a chore that needs to be completed to get to the next story bit - a good bit like Bioshock Infinite in that regard, actually, but the gameplay is even more dull and repetitive. Does it get any better from here, or is that pretty much how it stays for the rest of the game? I'm midway through the fourth episode.

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    There's a nice setpiece or two here and there, but by and large it's the same all along.

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    Looks like a noticeable enough improvement. Not enough for me to want to buy it again on anything but a deep discount sale (Wait long enough and they'll probably give it away for free on Epic Store. Possibly to promote the rumoured Alan Wake 2 that Epic is bankrolling).

    FYI, this remaster is being worked on the same team who did the Mafia 2 remaster, so it could have noticeable technical issues.

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    Is it just me or does Alan Wake look incredibly derpy in the remaster

    AlYan Waek (。々)

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    Maybe just the head wound.

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