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Thread: 1 Million Units Contest - Sabotage In Eastport (Jan 8, 2021)

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    Great to have another mission from you, Intruder! Love how this one fits right in with the story and vibe of the OMs! (Except maybe for the one enslaved Mechanist)

    Found 1232 / 1287 loot.

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    Just finished this one. Nice vertical mission. A little bare and basic at times, but plenty to do and lots of hidden stuff. Still looking for the last 10 loot, but i got the job offer objective done.

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    Mask & Prototype

    I need some help on finding the "upper floors" to V's mansion. Found the guard towers and the wing that leads to the puzzle key & chest out the window, but not where the scroll says to go.

    I also need help locating the prototype. Been everywhere & everyone is dead. Oh yeah. Oh & where do I destroy everything?

    Never mind, figured it out Finished at 2 hrs 54 min. Missing 200 in loot. Anyway, awesome mission!

    Are there molds for the smelter or is that just for show?
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    No, they are just for decoration.

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    Finished the Mission.
    Its a very good city map.
    Things That I liked most:
    The mission looks big despite of the unit limitation
    Map design is well done
    Nice little side quest with a Riddle in the Job offer
    A lot of different ways to reach the roof of the mechanist building
    Ambient Sounds fit perfect in the different locations

    Things that could ve been improved:
    More Npc dialogues and more storytelling in general (for example in readables in the different locations)
    to make the mission feel more alive

    Overall it was a great fan mission entry. Thanks for creating it !

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    It's a pleasure to play Intruder's FM once again! This mission is very much like one of the OMs and the story is very strong. I liked the idea this mission would be before Life of the Party and the story fits in nicely. So far from the contest missions, this had most verticality. Also, I liked the loot placements. It's been awhile since I've played OMs but it felt like the loot was somewhat in similar places like in the OMs.

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    As others have noted this mission feels very professional, not to belittle other authors, I love their work, but this feels like done by a professional dev, because the gameplay/pacing is so tight.
    I loved exploring the upper apartments, platforming felt natural to me although I did fall a few times.
    Normally I don't like Mechanist stuff but this one is so well done that I enjoyed it for once, the 'boss fight' was tense - I used two mines to make sure, the third mine I used on the angry battle child of Karras who came to check what was going on .
    At the end I got really annoyed by the painting puzzle, I hate when stuff is too well hidden.
    This mission gets the highest rank in my personal top and to be replayed for sure.

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