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Thread: Your opinion of the underworld remakes by Twister

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    Your opinion of the underworld remakes by Twister

    I haven't seen any mention of these remakes on this forum, which I think is a little strange, considering how much we all love the original games. However, It's my opinion that if your going to make a remake of an old game, then you might as well take advantage of current technologies. From what I've seen of the remakes so far (including a demo that didn't work on my PC), the graphics and architechture seem quite bland. I understand that 1) this is not a finished product yet, and 2), they are probably trying to maintain the look of the originals. I really believe that its possible to maintain the spirit and feel of the originals as well as using more detailed graphics and adding greater complexity to the architechture.

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    Well, I missed the original UU, but all I gotta see/know is that Blue Skies is the old name for Looking Glass. WOOHOO! Something to look forward to. I'll be there.

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    Hmmm... I have certain views about this remake which may seem negative, but I think are justified given the evidence so far.

    I feel that twistsoft is a fairy inexperienced group of coders/artists who are attempting to deliver more than they are capable of (at this time). Although this is pessimistic, my reasons for thinking this are:

    1) They have been unable to deliver a correctly working demo of any size which demonstrates the game they are aiming at. In fact, all the demos have been fatally bugged or have been of extremely limited functionality.

    2) Very over-optimistic timescales which seem to betray a lack of understanding of what goes into a full game production rather than a graphic engine. Estimating January for Beta 1 is VERY optimistic and probably not even physically possible. Twelve months, maybe more given the diverse nature of the contributors is probably more realistic.

    3) Lack of quality control. Broken links and glaring spelling mistakes have plagued both the websites and the demos. This is always a dangerous thing to comment on as it's guaranteed that there will be a dozen spelling mistooks in this post. However, calling one of the demos Ultiam instead of Ultima shows a lack of testing.

    I realise that the above are criticisms, but I am as eager as anyone else to see a comprehensive remake of the Underworld games. I'm a keen follower of the twistsoft website but unlike Jim's tsshp (which should probably be called tssauhp by now) it's left me feeling a little disappointed.

    However, I DO wish them the best of luck and if any of them read this post then I hope they understand the spirit in which it's meant. I also feel that they will get there in the end, it may just be a longer and 'twistier' path than they expect at the moment!


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    Dark Angel

    Yep, they do indeed seem very amature.

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    Well you honestly can't hold that against them!
    If you remember.. The original game was created by amatures!
    I really can't wait for this remake.. Mainly because UW doesn't run on my new PC!
    *sighs* A remake is probably my only hope of ever playing this wonderful game again!
    Time is Forever...

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    [quote]Originally posted by The Sage Of Time:
    Well you honestly can't hold that against them!

    No - there is nothing wrong with being amateur, only with being amateurish. Releasing demos with fatal flaws, bad spelling mistakes and promising more than can be delivered is not very convincing.

    However, there does seem to be a change at the twistsoft website with a very basic but intriguing Open GL demo. It would appear that the source code has been done by a 'Igor Pokrovsky' and from a quick look it would appear that it looks quite promising.

    Like everyone else I am eagerly awaiting the results of these remakes and it says a lot about the skill and talent of the original creators that there has been so much interest.


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