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Thread: Need help with UW1 Sound.. (Yes the Question is being asked again..)

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    Need help with UW1 Sound.. (Yes the Question is being asked again..)

    I just managed to get UW1 to run in Win98 nearly perfect!
    Everything works!.. Except the sound.. *cries*
    However I think I know why.. I think my sound card isn't being read properly!
    I have no idea what my sound card is.. But I know for certain it isn't SBLive or anything like that.
    Cause if it was my problem would be solved already.. (I did a little search on the forum)
    Anyway.. All "My Computer" will tell me is I have something called Crystal Audio Codec..
    Can someone please tell me if it's possible to get the right sound drivers or settings or something?
    My comp is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion (Model: XE736) I don't know if that'll help or not..
    Oh yeah and i'm pretty sure I need a Driver for a Sound Blaster because it says
    "Not Detected" on pretty much every Sound setting.
    *sighs* Someone please help me! I love this game and I really want sound!

    (Edit Update) One funny thing is it can detect PC Speaker! lol Someone please help me out so I don't have to leave with that!

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    I'm probably not the best person to answer this, as I don't even recall how the sound install of UW went, but since nobody else seems to be answering...

    Somebody refresh my memory: when you install the game, at some point you have an option to specify the brand of audio card you have (SB, SB16, etc.) and then the install program tests your selection, right? And in your case, TSOT, it tells you it couldn't detect it? Have you tried all the options? Also, it probably asks you to specify things like a port and an irq. If your soundchip _can_ emulate a SB card (it should), you can find the correct settings in the device manager somewhere, it varies from one card to another.

    When you say "All 'My Computer' will tell me", do you mean you right-clicked on My Computer, selected the Device Manager tab and looked under "Sound, video and game controlers"? In my case this only tells me that I have an SBlive value, _but_ I also have a "Creative miscellaneous devices" entry where there is a "SB16 emulation" listed. Check everywhere in the device manager to see if you have such an emulation installed. If not you may be out of luck or may need to install other drivers.

    It would seem you have a sound chip integrated to the motherboard, and it might be possible to track updated drivers for it if you know the maker of the motherboard. For example, after a check with Google I managed to find some drivers at Of course this would only work if you have a Chaintech board. I checked the HP site but they don't have any audio drivers available for your model... *sight*


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    Yes when I said "My Computer" I mean't right clicking on "My Computer" from the desktop.
    I'm not given anything of interest.. All It'll tell me is Crystal Audio Codec.. And no new drivers are for it when I click update..
    But I don't think I need a "new" driver.. I think I need a "old" one in this case..
    I'm totally clueless.. And i'd do anything just to hear UW1's music and sounds again.. *sigh*

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    [quote]Originally posted by The Sage Of Time:
    [QB]I have no idea what my sound card is.. But I know for certain it isn't SBLive or anything like that.

    Well... if it's NOT a Sound Blaster, you need to find out what sound card it is. Then find a DOS Sound Blaster Emulation Driver (Most cards have this). You will have to load the driver either in your Autoexec.bat or Config.sys (Depending on the driver instructions), and THEN set the environment variable in the Autoexec.bat

    Set Blaster = A220 I5 D1 M5 P330 T6

    If it IS a Sound Blaster, OR a Sound Blaster Compatible Card (meaning you don't need the Emulation Driver).... then all you have to do is set up the Environment Variable in your Autoexec.bat.

    Set Blaster = A220 I5 D1 M5 P330 T6

    Make sure that "I" corresponds to the IRQ # that your sound card is using in the Windows -> Control Panel -> System. A220 and P330 are fairly standard. Also... Underworld won't recognize higher IRQ's like 15. So make sure your sound card is on like IRQ 5,7, or 9.



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