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Thread: 'Goblin Wars' sidequest

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    'Goblin Wars' sidequest

    I opted to take the staff and return it. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to return it - there is no place marked on the map to return it to in Cracked Wood cave - neither of the quest-giving NPCs addresses that I have do I return it? Search the Elder Scrolls forum but found no answer.

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    Did you try just dropping it on the floor? And are you sure its the right cave (cant remember the name, has been awhile) ?

    Bein the violent simpleton i am, i solved that quest by just slaying all of those pesky pests

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    From what I've read, you can leave it any where. Even when you leave the staff out in the wild, the goblins from the corresponding tribe will hunt down their staff. If you just leave it in their cave, one of the goblins should take it sooner or later.

    (I've never done this quest, I just read about some of the fun you can have with the staves)

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    I'll try that - but I tried sneaking up next to a goblin, dropping the stave right in front of him, and sleeping for a day, and he didn't touch it.

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    where can i start this quest?

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