Well... I've been thinking, if "ANYONE" is gonna make a mod for someone that becomes a Vampire, how about you make the Clan your in give you quests right away, have all the Vampires in the clan be nice to you, (They dont attack on sight) And have all the Vampires offer you services.

Basically I'm saying that seeing as the general population of morrowind dislikes you now that your a Vampire then the Vampires should replace those important people that give you potions, spells, armor/weapons, and training. Cause it kinda stinks that even vampires in your own clan will attack you on sight.

Funny though, I went into Clan Berne's Main Vampire nest to get Dwemer Articulae for my stronghold and noticed that I could talk to several vampires before they decided to attack me anyway, I cleared the place out... amazingly withought contracting Vampirism. Then I took the book and most of them Vampires earthly possesions. and left, kinda sad to see that I couldnt free the 'Cattle' but oh well. They seem fairly content to stay where they are talking about how Vampires are wonderful and such...

Now about this drinking blood thing with Vampires... How does it work? Will it instantly kill people? Can you turn other people into Vampires with it?

Where are those other Vampires that aren't with any of the Clans, like I know there are roguepires but these ones were banding together... because they're basically what you are, they're not part of the real vampire bloodline, but does that mean when you become a Vampire these other vampires will become nice to you-even... accept you?