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Thread: T2 FM - NewDark 64 Cubed Contest: Way Home

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    I downloaded this FM, and it shows up in my actual Thief FM files as However, it doesn't show up in FMSel at all.

    I thought maybe the mission required version 1.24; mine is a puny 1.23. If that's the problem, will somebody please point me to instructions where I can update my FMSel launcher?

    If it's something else entirely, has anyone a clue? I'm not techie enough to figure it out.


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    Location: Wales
    I think we're still on v 1.23. Heimweg is correct and the only think I can think of is that FMSel isn't set up properly to wherever you keep your fms, which should be somewhere other than your T2 folder. Unless this is a one off, in which case I haven't a clue either. Anyone?

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    Nickie, I've been using FMSel for Thief 2 for well over a year now, and this is the first time the package didn't show up at all in the loader.

    I tried reloading it, and I tried poking the button that's supposed to update the list; but it did nothing that I could see.

    I R stumped.

    Edit: Stumped no more, but it's weird... I typed the beginning of the name of the FM, got as far as Heim, and it suddenly found the mission! However, all the other missions disappeared. When I quit FMSel and restarted, the whole batch of FMs reappeared -- and this time, it included Heimweg.

    I never had to do this before, manually typing in the name; it has always just appeared when I downloaded it (via Southquarter, on the first post in that thread).


    Anyway, now I can play the mission.

    Cheers, and thanks,

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    I've been playing this FM on Hard and only have one objective left (besides to find a way out, which I already have): to find out more information about the mirror. I've been to the girl's room (red room), placed the doll on Alice's bed (after which she opened the door to the small room with the scepter), read all the readables in that room, accidentally fell through the carpet next to the sister's bed & found loot down there but no readables I could frob, and found a spider (that's now in my inventory). I've been all over all three floors but absolutely cannot find anything more about that cursed mirror. Help, please.

    P.S. I've KO'd everybody in the whole house, except the Alice. Hope that doesn't make a difference.

    P.P.S. I deleted the last part of my post about the secret passage; turns out I was just looking through windows at the stairwell. Silly me.
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    Registered: Aug 2003
    I am so utterly stumped, I'm on the brink of just giving up.

    I'm on the ground floor, I assume -- one flight up from the basement. Everybody in the basement and the ground floor is KOed.

    I cannot find anything in the room where the noble was looking at a picture. (Please don't tell me, "just look around there!"; that's all I've been doing for two solid hours.)

    I found a spider (Moritz) up the rope in the red room, but I have no key to get out the door and into the rest of that level. If I'm supposed to move the tombstone in that room, I can't do that either.

    Likewise, I cannot pick the lock on the ground-floor door that leads up the stairs to the second level; I have both lockpicks, neither works. I do have the basement key and the ground-floor key, for what it's worth.

    I can't frob the button under the shelves in the basement; I can see a button with an R on it, but even following various instructions, I can't make it work, crouching or standing.

    Help! I'm feeling incredibly stupid.


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    Registered: Oct 2003
    Location: Nampa, Idaho

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    If I just follow a walkthrough, it defeats the whole point of playing the game.

    Can somebody please just give me a suggestion what I should do at this point?



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    Registered: Oct 2003
    Location: Nampa, Idaho
    It's not a step-by-step walk. It just provides hints and some screenshots.

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    All right, I finally got the zip to unzip itself, and I found Way Home as one of the walkthroughs; so I will try again.

    I hope I can at least get something going here!

    Fingers crossed,


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    Registered: Jan 2014
    What an amazing FM.

    It starts rather bad, very tight corners, as if some guy making his very first FM without any help, tips or tutorials.
    But then, it gets more and more interesting until it blows your mind. Adds a small feeling of dread when you meet Alice.
    I love it.

    Notesthes, please come back to the Thief fandom! I--We want more wonderful fan missions from you!

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