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Thread: Updated-Cataclysmic Revelations Campaign V1.2-NewDarkV1.21-Nov.3th,2014

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    mission 2:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gloria Creep View Post
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. I can't find the 2 keys. Perhaps you have better luck.
    I have become stuck at this point as well. So many nooks and corner hidden in the town portion, but I thought I had explored them all...

    edit to add: found them!
    in the city portion there is a round cistern and they are hidden nearby.
    specifically, light up the Keeper statue
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    walkthrough for missions 2-4

    Hello there

    I cannot find any help for missions 2-4. The walkthrough only seems to be only for mission 1

    Is there there a walkthrough for the whole campaign please?


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    Looks like I need to update the walk to include those missions. What specific help do you need?

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    Now i gotta "HEAR" the bell?

    Nice way to mock Deaf people mmm?

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    No mocking is intended. One of Cardia's missions uses 3d pictures to solve puzzles. A few of us have only one eye, but we didn't bitch about it.

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    Yes please Ricebug. A walkthrough would be great.

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    Dare to join .............

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsLair View Post
    After diligent beta testing by six of the best testers, I present:
    Cataclysmic Revelations Campaign

    Updated to V.1.2


    Lord Soth has provided a link to his site: Thankyou Lord Soth!
    Tried the Lord Soth link & got some page wibbling on about bitcoin, I wasn't sure if it was a drive by attempt or just an advert so I killed it

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    5th Virtue location

    Couldn't find 5th virtue been running around and tryin to find the location that the map showed and had no luck finding it ... Can ya help?

    Edit: I found it!
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    How do i kill those floating hammerheads?

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    Very entertaining campaign. The Salvation mission was pretty tough for me because I like to kill all the AI/creatures. The sword obtained later in the mission allowed me to do just that. I tried using the blackjack on a flying head but gave up after about a hundred whacks. Used holy throwing knives and necro stars on the rock/fire beasts. Used fire arrows on some of the flying heads but mostly whacked 'em with the sword because it's more satisfying. There was tons of quick saving to accomplish this task. I was rather disappointed that fighting the Trickster was not an option.

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