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Thread: Single Player stuff? (Unreal 2 or whatever)

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    Single Player stuff? (Unreal 2 or whatever)

    don't hit me..but, i *quite* liked Unreal 2..wait a sec, let me explain..i never played the first one, wasn't expecting anything and had just got a new vid card, so it was mostly wow this engine is sexy..but of course the maps, while amazing graphically, were pretty simple and disappointing in terms of overall structure.

    but i digress..The scene is pretty much dead from what i can gather (looked around a little and started this thread here):

    On Nalicity there's just 2 Unreal 2 single player that it? Jesus.

    Deathmatch maps, i find interesting to a point, but i guess i'm really wanting to see what modders have done with Unreal more in the single player realm..I'm actually wanting to play around with a newish bit of software so Unreal 1, while it may have been cool in its day, is not really of interest (unless its so-good-you-can't-miss-it).

    Any info, thoughts, links whatever appreciated..



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    Yeah, I loved Unreal 2 as well... Some of the missions were kinda short, but I thought it deserved a lot more enthusiasm and interest than it received. Mind you, everyone was already playing UT2k3 by the time Unreal 2 came out. That may have hurt things.

    (I am one of the people who would say Unreal and the Return to Na Pali expansion are "so-good-you-can't-miss-it" but I don't know if that opinion is warranted. I really like them still, and I can't imagine playing Unreal 2 or any of the UT games is the same at all if you don't have that kind of familiarity with the backstory / universe / Skaarj etc... I mean, how much is lost when you tell a Skaarj UT opponent that he fights like Nali when you don't know about the Nali?)

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    [q]Gingerbread Man[/q] - agreed!! The universe as a whole is brilliant and very interesting.

    I think that the very first Unreal is the greatest of all the series. Just the amazing, brilliant masterpiece. Return to Na Pali was... quite good.

    Unreal 2 is a good game, but they really had to work on it for a few more months to make it more stable and overall better.

    I'm making the Unreal 2 deathmatch map right now, it's in a beta stage. Even played it with bots!
    I interview Irrational

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    Cheers guys. What i find odd is that Unreal is probably one of the most modded and/or licensed engines nowadays right(?) (i've no idea what the figures are but pretty sure i'm not too far off here) and the single player game experience/genre is still really big, but there seem to be very few people who concentrate on this side of things.
    Getting people who build deathmatch maps to go build a single player campaign i guess is fine, but part of me thinks it should be a more specialised pursuit (tied to the writing and narrative etc.)

    Been meaning to check out Tribes Vengeance single player and that scene too. That looks like it'll mostly be deathmatch type fan made stuff too though- Not that there's anything wrong with's just that i would like some single player stuff as well.

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    I'm not a huge fan of Unreal 2, but I'd definitely recommend picking up the original Unreal if you see it. (It's what, six years old now but it's still a very atmoshperic and absorbing game.)

    If you've also got the original Unreal Tournament, go grab Operation Na Pali, which carries on the Unreal story and aside from the voice acting is possibly the best single player modification I've seen for any game. (Note this is different to Return to Na Pali, which is the official Unreal Expansion)

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    Cheers Ulukai..i've got UT so i'll check it out.

    I'm really looking for a bit of software to learn rather than just mods to play; quite liked Unreal 2 (the potential of it anyway) and was surprised the scene was so dead. Ah well, there's always HL2..

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    "...aside from the voice acting..."

    Christ, it was the voice acting that made me put the damned thing down after about a half-hour. It was that bad. I'm generally able to suffer through certain poor production values for a solid game (I finished Messiah, ffs), but Operation: Na Pali was just AWFUL. I have no idea if it was a fun or involving game or not, because I simply couldn't bear to play it any more.

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    7 Bullets for UT is due out in November, and looks like it could be a solid (if maybe a little uninsipired) SP diversion.

    GBM, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that the guy responsible for the ear bleeding has a variety of voices "...ranging from RPG to military to even impressions of male opera singers as well as impressions of Mickey Mouse, and even Goofy."


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