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Thread: FU III back in UK stores

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    FU III back in UK stores

    Just a small note to let UK personages know that Sold Out are now selling FU III (as well as II) in their 4.99 budget range!

    (And if this is old news, sorry, but I'd only ever seen II in the shops before.)

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    FU II is still in stores? I didn't know that, doesn't that mean I should take it off Looking Glass Classics?

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    I don't know how readily available it is world-wide, but yes I guess you should do. There's probably an argument to be made that FU2 serves as a demo for the superior FU3, but seeing as how the publishers were different this becomes rather a moot point -- I can't really see Eidos being happy about their game being freely available just to convince people to spend money on E.A.'s game :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew
    And if this is old news, sorry
    It is, but that's okay. Maybe folks who didn't see the previous post will notice this one :)

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    To compensate, I'll upload Origin's Bioforge instead.

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    Awesome. I never have forgiven myself for not buying that back in the day. I saw it and contemplated it, and if I'd seen the reviews then that I've seen since I'm sure I would have slapped down the cash, but I didn't have much in the way of disposable income back then, so was pretty adverse to taking risks on unknown games. sigh.

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    Ah well, at least it got an active topic in here

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