Dear All,
I hope you don't feel I am spamming the place... I 'am just glad that there is a didicated FU place...

When first I bought the game in 95 I wanted the fastest computer and the virtual reality glasses Unfortunately I did not have the money back then and the perfect system stayed a dream to me. Now 11 years after I suddently have the oppotunity to get what I could not affort back then.... So call me crazy but now I want the best FU system I can get. And what is more importent than the cool Virtual Reality system that works with FU?

So I did some searching and found Vfx1 to be one of the supported systems. I need however an EISA slot in the PC and these motherboards are pretty rare now. FU should also support the I-Glasses (they use RS232) but that company seems to have moved on and made new, better and greater models. So the question is what series of I-Glasses should I look for at EBay in order to get I-Glasses that works with FU95? I am afraid to end up with a newer type which is no longer supported..

Any hints is be highly appreciated.

Best regards