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Thread: Update 4

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    Oh man. Time to jump in then, I guess.

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    Just waiting on the DRM-free release now. I'm kinda hoping that, with so many improvements having been made since the original release/disaster, maybe it'll end up on GOG after all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twist View Post
    I'm not sure how much flexibility that provides, but maybe this will be a Bloodlines situation where the community somehow polishes this game into something worthwhile over the next few years.
    Bloodlines was already very "worthwhile" even without modding. Sure, there were still a number of bugs post all of the official patches, but at least the game succeeded in terms of executing on its vision let alone excelling in a number of key areas without the need for any modding to make it worth playing.

    I wonder how many units they'll shift of Mac and Linux versions incidentally.

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    Yeah, I didn't mean to suggest Bloodlines wasn't already worthwhile, although I understand how what I said came off that way. I was more suggesting that maybe the community will continually mod it in increments over the next few years, the same way the community continually patched and modded Bloodlines.

    In UA's case, the hope is that after several years of community patches and mods it might be deemed more worthwhile by more people in communities like TTLG.

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    VtM:B had a lot of awesome to go along with its jankiness, bugs, and boring sections.

    Is Underworld:Ascendant worth the effort to rescue? (Not a rhetorical question.)
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    Didn't they add in some undead stuff which was originally a stretch goal that was narrowly missed, as free additional content? I remember getting the KS update email about it ages ago.
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    No, they didn't reach that goal (Necropolis of the Ancients) unfortunately. Luckily the Devs have given their Vorpal bunny a higher priority.

    All jokes aside, I've decided that it's finally time now to give this game a decent shot now. One thing that I'm kind of stuck on its trying to work out how to change the spell configuration in the rune bag. Right clicking on it only casts the default spell. I can't work out how to change it.

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