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Thread: Thief deadly shadows steamdeck

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    Thief deadly shadows steamdeck

    Idk If we have many deck users here.

    Thief gold and metal age work fine. Using bottles and setting a custom steam library we can run the tfix and HD mod exe files and install them. Works works perfect.

    Thief DS however is a pain in the bum. The sneaky upgrade seeks a registry file for the game so the installer gets the instalation directory automatically. No such registry exists on Linux. Even with a windows environment set with bottles. So we cannot install the update.

    With hand held gaming growing rapidly. We need to add pat the patch for DS cause it runs like a dream. Is an amazing game. And is incredible on hand held like the steamdeck.

    I'd use windows but I get a c++ visual pure function error and can't play the game. I've tried over and over. Windows 10 and 11. Btw in on a onexplayer. But I'm running chimera so steam os. Same same.

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    The registry, and the Thief 3 registry values, do exist, otherwise the original game wouldn't run. But Steam insists on removing them after use, for whatever reason. Try running the original game once, then run the Sneaky Upgrade installer immediately after closing the game. This usually does it for Steam on PC.

    If that doesn't work, the registry values can be set up manually. Wine has an implementation of Regedit, so Proton probably has it too?

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