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Thread: Resurrecting/Necroing old threads

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    Resurrecting/Necroing old threads

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I couldn't find any information regarding necroing old threads, specifically FM threads.
    I just recently started playing FMs and wanted to write a few sentences to most of the ones I've played in case the authors are still active / interested in feedback.
    Is this the right place for it or should I rate them (for example) on

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    There's no harm in resurrecting old FM threads. People do it all the time.

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    Yup, contrary to most of the boards I've ever visited, necroing for 'good cause' is acceptable. Happens quite frequently.

    Doesn't make much sense to create just random new threads to continue an old discussion.

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    Registered: May 2023
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    Good to know, thank you both.

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