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Thread: AngelLoader v1.5.2 - now with dark mode! (upd. 2021/05/16)

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    After some testing I can confirm that on my Windows 7 VM, the 7z scanner is failing due to a missing .dll file. On my main Windows 10 install it works fine for some reason, hence I didn't know a file was missing. Try this test version:

    Repeat the steps in the post above and tell me if the FMs become valid (their Game icon will change from a red question mark to their appropriate game icon).

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    Thank you, following steps 1-3 worked. In your newly posted version, first I saw red question marks again. Now, after selecting the option to Scan all FMs.., it all works perfectly.

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    Great! New version with the fix is now available.


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    I got it. Thanks for all the work.

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    AngelLoader v1.5.2 is out.

    Fixed: One user was getting "Zip extract failed fully or partially" errors on every zip extract, due to a bad code page being returned by Windows (for zip file names). We now fall back to UTF8 in that case.

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    Got it thanks again for the work.

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    Hi Fen,

    Here is the Spanish (Latin America) .ini translation file for AL 1.5.2

    Cheers mate.

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    Hey Fen,

    French version is available. Check your PM.


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    thank you for all your hard work, Fen.
    I installed the new version in a new folder, but it (predictably) didn't import my notes, Finished On settings, etc. How do I bring that over, or was I supposed to drop the new data in the old install folder?

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    You're supposed to install new versions to the same folder, but to bring over your settings you should copy your old version's Data folder over, then copy the latest English.ini file to the Data\Languages folder in your new install.

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    Can you add global options for disabling some or all mods?

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    Hmm, if you want to globally disable mods, you should probably just go into cam_mod.ini and do it there. It's basically the same process as doing it in AngelLoader, you have to edit a + sign separated list of mod dirs, so like if your mod_path was:

    mod_path usermods+NecroAge+EP2+T2FMDML
    and you wanted to disable NecroAge, then you would go like

    mod_path usermods+EP2+T2FMDML
    Plans are to make a more user-friendly mod management system for AngelLoader, but the dark-mode UI stuff took up so much time that I pushed it back.

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