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Thread: Shadow of Doubt Campaign Issues

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    Shadow of Doubt Campaign Issues

    I have played before and never had issues. I even have the dml. The first mission wil not complete. The objectives arent even working right. I get to the end with the hammers but going to the gate won't end the mission. I have latest tfix as well. I dont want to ctrl alt shift end as I want my loot to get equipment for the next level. Is there a way to fix or do I wait for the new version to come out?

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    It's a long time since Voodoo made the dml and I can't remember most of the details, but IIRC the mission ends when you head up the steps on the left after you climb out of the sewer hatch when you get back to Dupont streets.

    The mission certainly finished when I last played it when testing Voodoo's dml but that was probably ND 1.23, so yes possible it's all messed up again.

    If all else fails, a neat cheat for your predicament, go to your USER.cfg and uncomment the line about cash bonus and you'll be given an extra 1000g when shopping at the in game shop. I'm a greedy b***tard and I give myself a bonus of 10,000, it helps massively when bug testing to have every weapon available.

    ;For starting loot, uncomment and modify the number
    ;on the next line.
    cash_bonus 1000

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    I don't remember this mission too much, so I read my supreme ghost report about it. Apparently there is problem with "Going to Embassy through Sewers" objective. The first time you enter Embassy this objective will fail, but mission will continue. Getting Embassy key will make this objective unchecked. And apparently going behind column will complete this objective. After you have completed all objectives, Hammerites script should work.

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    That's part of what Voodoo and I fixed with the dml, there wasn't so much as a problem more that it was confusing as to what you were meant to do as one of the objectives, getting into the embassy objective, kept checking then unchecking depending on where you were. It initially completes when you get to the embassy courtyard, then unchecks when you enter the embassy itself, but rechecks when you leave the embassy to return to the courtyard. This meant you could not us the sewer hatch on the embassy basement to get back to the starting area as the 'Get to the Embassy' objective would be unchecked if you used that route.

    We fixed that, and I have just replayed the whole mission with TFix FMdml installed and the mission completes correctly, weirdly however the Get to the Embassy objective converts from being checked to being cancelled when you are inside the embassy, reverting to checked again when you go back to the courtyard, but once you have been to the museum that objective remain fully completed rather than reverting to a cancelled state, allowing you to return to the starting area any way you want including via the basement sewer hatch.

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    While I enjoyed what I played of this campaign, I found it broken even beyond the first mission, even with the dml. Honestly I'm just going to wait for sperry to release the updated version. Like I said, I (mostly) liked what I played, so I'm looking forward to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpowell View Post
    I'm just going to wait for sperry to release the updated version.
    I’m guessing you’ll be waiting a long time.

    The best you can hope for after 20 years is a dml. I’ve just replayed this mission today, and although it could be updated the current dml does work, the objectives check off correctly, albeit in a strange way, and without further game breaking issues being identified my inclination is to say ‘nothing to see here let’s move on’.

    Most of the original dmls made for T1/TG were made by Voodoo whilst I was writing their walkthroughs, however Voodoo could only fix a limited range issues with his understanding of dml’s, since then Jax and Glypher have become involved with them and we can now fix a much larger range of issues, and this campaign deserves such a much bigger fix than is currently available.

    Once we have finished fixing all the T2 missions we’ll go through the T1/TG missions but I expect that won’t be for a couple of years.
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    Well like I said I get to the end and the hammers show up. But it never ends when I go up the stairs. But if the other missions are bugged then no point playing until an updated dml file is made.

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    In mission 2 if you revisit room that gave you loot objective after completing it, this objective will get unchecked and you will be forced to grab another loot piece to complete it Other missions also have some bugs, but it's nothing that big like in Mission 1.

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    it's not really a question of understanding dmls, rather than understanding what the actual problem is. compiling everything into one neat package, saves included would be a good start.

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