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Thread: TG FM: Catacombs of Knoss REMASTERED

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    TG FM: Catacombs of Knoss REMASTERED


    I have been hard at work updating my Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest mission, Catacombs of Knoss. The mission originally placed fourth in the contest, and this new version attempts to address some of the problems and criticisms of the original.

    The remastered version is now available and can be downloaded here:

    - Google Drive: Download v2.0

    Mirrors are welcome - just let me know the download link and I'll add it to this first post.

    Here's the changelist for this new version:

    * Rerelease Changes *


    - New readables translated into French, German and Russian.
    - All readables translated into Spanish.

    Mission 1:

    - Increased ambient light levels.
    - Expanded and restructured a number of building interiors.
    - Added additional detail to many areas.
    - Changed layout to aid platforming in a few areas.
    - Added some additional readables.
    - Lightmapped water added.
    - More loot added in a few places.
    - Fixed a couple of doors that liked flying away.
    - Loot goals updated and values fixed in French text.
    - Tweaked ambient sounds to be slightly less jarring throughout the church.
    - Various minor tweaks and fixes.

    Mission 2:

    - Increased ambient light levels.
    - Added workarounds for various un-ghostable sections. Both missions should now be ghostable (albeit with a lot of effort). Supreme Ghost, probably not.
    - Made an important key more visible.
    - Added reset buttons and improved audio messaging of Mathematician's Tomb puzzle.
    - Prevented a few blind frob exploits.
    - Added a bit more signposting in the burrick caves.
    - Replaced some boundstriggers with more reliable roombrush triggers.
    - Prevented AI entering the Tower of Knoss and potentially breaking progression.
    - Fixed lava that didn't hurt the player.
    - Various minor tweaks and fixes.

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    Thank you for this major update, will play it this week-end. This is one of my top Thief 1 missions.

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    Nice one! Thanks for this, nicked.

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    I'm stoked to play this for the first time! Thank you

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    I loved CATACOMBS OF KNOSS so that settles what I'm playing tonight.

    Thank You nicked

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    Ah, just my luck. I reinstall TG to play some of the FMs I missed from the past few years a few days ago, I install a bunch of them and finally get around to playing Catacombs of Knoss tonight and finish it, I check in on ttlg and as it happens a new and improved version is posted the day I play the original version. I probably won't be playing the new version any time soon because there's so many FMs for me to get to but I did love playing the original so I'm sure plenty of people will be pleased with any improvements.

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    Awesome, I'll definitely check this out.

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    Time to replay this gem soon! Catacombs of Knoss was my personal favorite in the contest.

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    Oh wow thank you so much for this nicked!! Its not long ago that I played through all of the contest missions and catacombs of knoss was one of my favourites Will be the next misison to play again.

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    Thanks for letting me translate your mission! Excited for the next one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicked View Post
    - Added reset buttons and improved audio messaging of Mathematician's Tomb puzzle.
    Can't figure this one out, any clues? I press lever 5 and it make a noise but then so do all the others after that point in that room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikerdude View Post
    Can't figure this one out, any clues? I press lever 5 and it make a noise but then so do all the others after that point in that room.
    Yes, of course:

    Small spoiler:

    Did you notice the number of walls in each of these five rooms?

    Medium spoiler:

    The levers have numbers, how does it match witch the number of walls in said room?

    Big spoiler:

    Flip only the levers in each room that add up to the number of walls in that room.

    ~ ~ ~

    Thanks for remastering this beautiful masterpiece. I had fun playing this gem again

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    mission 1

    Hi I am now playing the first part of this amazing mission (remastered version) and have a question:
    I have found a "magic wand" which looks like a fancy arrow key with a blue ball on it. Sorrily i don't know what is its name in english version but in german it is called "Zauberstab der gesenkten Klingen". I think i found it in Lord Gristwood's mansion's attic. Could you please help me where can i use this thing?

    There were 2 tiny levers (so far?!) in this first mission which are hard to find:
    1. in Gristwood's mansion, under a tree
    2. in scientist's study (that apartment where a skeleton hangs on the wall)

    Totally loved the pagoda, among many other things
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    In English it’s call The Wand of the Sunken Blades, you carry that over into mission 2, where you can use it to disable a trap., exactly how and where I’ll let you work out for yourself, but there’s a hint in the name of that key.

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    Thank you very much. I'll finish this part of mission, then.
    I have meanwhile found not the proper place to use that key but "Skejvens Herberge"

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    I just finished the remastered version. I already liked the first version alot and I sure as hell enjoyed this improved version alot. Collecting the bones was the most fun.Thanks so much!!

    I never figured out where to use the wand of sunken blades though. I never needed it for anything.

    Also a BIG thank you to fortuni for the wonderful lootlist!

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    I've gotta say this is still my favourite nicked FM! I finished the remastered version yesterday and enjoyed it as much as my first playthrough a couple of years ago. There are new areas/buildings in Part 1 and they really fitted in well and made it more interesting to explore the city.

    Still I like Part 2 even more - TG atmosphere at its best! Coolest moments/details that stayed on my mind: hovering lanterns (they add so much to overall atmosphere), petrified wizards in the midst of battle (one of the coolest things I've seen in a FM).

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    I never seem to see the results... but this has become my favorite from that contest... mission 2 for the win.

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    Thanks for the re-master.
    I recall previously playing the first mission but not the second mission.
    Mission 2 is incredible! Exploring scary mysterious catacombs is so exciting!

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