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Thread: T2 FM Freedom For Nepumuk May 6,2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    The big pool in the dungeon is very handy for drowing the guards. I should round up some more for a Silent Project screen shot. I guess I've got about 12-14 guards drowned in there right now. Just make sure to attach a rope before playing ring around the rosie with a few of your closest friends.
    Heh, managed to drown one as well. It made me wonder if there's something in the water, since it doesn't even reach their shoulders .
    Found the mosquito swarm in one of the cells to be another fun way of dealing with guards (one at the time though). It requires some running around, but it's hilarious to see an AI die by a few stings .

    I tried this mission years ago, but never got far into it.
    Returned to it recently and after venturing deeper into the mission (castle) I feel ashamed for never finishing this before. It's surprisingly good, and much bigger then expected.

    The harbour area at the start sets a nice mood. The thick black fog, that ends when you enter the city is a great effect.
    The street area that follows isn't spectacular but is only meant to lead the player to the castle. And the castle (and what's found beneath it) is just... WOW!
    Probably the most authentic and detailled castle i've ever seen in a fan mission.

    Great piece of design! The (decorated) interior and exterior locations seems very authentic. Some castle/fortress missions include some elements that ruin the medieval atmosphere (like a modern toilet), but I haven't seen anything here that feels out of place.
    I like the alternative ways of entry intro the castle (used the toilet above the moat to get inside), the full accessibility (like roof and beams as alternative routes), and the size of the place.
    It makes me wonder if it's based on an existing castle !?

    The underground dungeon is not only one of the most atmospheric I've ever encountered, but also fits perfectly into my definition of a dungeon. Dark, old, badly maintained, and a confusing maze of passages and corridors.
    It makes sense to see plants and grass grow between the walls, torchery devices with a skeletons in it, and executioners wandering around. Stunning achievement!

    My favorite location in the mission must be the small passage leading downwards into a zombie crypt . The collapsed walls and stair, cobwebs, mushrooms, together with some nice variation in brick textures, brilliantly indicates a poorly maintained, deserted area, long forgotten. Great place! This attention to detail around the level is something that many other authors can take learning from!

    Beside the praise, some points of critcism.

    Playing on Garrett (expert) difficulty was incredibly hard. Normally I don't have much trouble with KO restrictions, as long as the AI isn't so damn sensitve. Even the slightest sounds alerts every guard in the vecinity. Even though I find this realistic for a castle mission (things of echo's in stone halls and corridors) it becomes pretty frustrating eventually. It forces the player to be extra careful, and to use a slow approach from time to time.
    But because of the size and complexity of the map there were moments I liked to run instead of walk, with the result of 5 guards on my back in no time. And because guards run faster, see you from a great distance, and are alerted for a longer time then in most other missions it is more dangerous to deal with them.
    For fully exploring the map, like I tend to do, without being on high alert for another guard with lantern passing by, required a replay on a lower difficulty (where would I be without my trusty blackjack )

    Secondly, I failed to figure out the locations of a few important keys myself because of a lack of clear hints to get to them (at least I can't remember reading them). Imo this should be essential with such an outstretched place.

    Finally, the english translation is incomplete. The readables and the objective screen may be in english, but things like map, bodies and, not unimportant, the briefing at the start are still in german. And some objects (bj, lockpicks) aren't even labelled.
    I also experienced that the mission crashed to the desktop after completion, and clicking 'continue' in the stats screen, But perhaps that's just me.

    Despite this, I can fully recommend this mission to everyone . It's clear that a lot of time was spent to create this mission. The main story is immersive (with several side quests available), there's plenty of exploration to do and the mission includes some refreshing new elements.
    But be warned with playing on the highest difficulty.

    About the loot hints in the slave's scroll, I managed to find the magpie nest but can someone tell me where the main bar of the tower is where loot is supposed to be hidden in a small hole?

    Reading Nepumuk's testimony at the end, leaves open the possibility of a sequel. Sounds intruiging.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTemplar View Post
    Hilly towns (it's unbelievable how many words sounds equal in German & English); my next mission (35% finished), hills en masse and huge/high (I think over 100m in real liefe) buildings.
    Is this a continuation of the story? It was posted almost 5 years ago, which makes me wonder if it's still alive
    DarkTemplar, if you're still around, can we still expect this to be released?

    Difficulty played: Garrett (Expert)
    Time Taken: 3 hrs, 2 mins, 2 secs
    Loot found: 3469 out of 4739

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    I played this mission on easiest difficulty level some time ago. The only thing which gave me a bit of trouble is the huge size of the castle, especially when going through the dungeons looking for Nepumuk - and not having a clue how to recognize him. I feared I missed him somewhere, until I finally found him. Had I known he was dressed in a keeper outfit, it would have been a bit easier.

    Thanks to the author for this mission!

    btw: I do not remember any crashes at all with this mission, neither in-game nor when clicking "Continue" at the end.

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    Just been playing this - while the upper levels seem a bit basic, the dungeon layout is spectacular.

    Couldn't get through the metal door in the round tower and never got the opportunity because when the loot objective completed the game ended. May try again and work on the loot objective before the other objectives.


    Went back to an earlier save and found the keys to the round tower's metal doors.
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    This was an amazing mission! Surely one of the very best missions I have ever played. It has it's own distinct and very cool style.

    I made a thread requesting missions heavily influenced by the Middle Ages and The Phantom suggested me this mission. I'm gonna copy-paste an excerpt from there:

    Phantom thank you!!!!!! That mission right there has the feeling I'm talking about! For me, it has to be the best mission I have played, stylisticaly. I owe you and the creator of that mission. So thank you again! I was trying to find that guy and I saw that he had signed up back in 2003, but sadly he didn't stay here for long.
    The mission wasn't exactly how I had it in my mind (I thought of a more light side of the Middle Ages, with the knights, the noble ladies and men, some romance and generally a shakespearian kind of view), but this darker view is just as real, characteristic and enticing, with all the extremely old, and seemingly countless, dungeon corridors and broken steps (I could almost smell the moss sometimes), the torture chambers, the paintings in the castle walls, the hangman swinging on the gallows pole, the architecture of the buildings and all the textures used for just about everything, even the autumn trees and it generally had that medieval feel.
    It had some issues though, the storyline wasn't as strong as I'd like it to be (although, all those amazing places almost make up for it). The lever for the hidden part of the wine cellar which was necessary to find, was unessecarily hard to find and without any clues. I was sure I had thoroughly searched the wine cellar, even every barrel on its own and all around the place, but I hadn't seen anything. Maybe something about it was mentioned in the readable in the kitchen, but although it could be highlighted, it didn't frob, even in german. So finally I was forced to read the thread here and cheat.
    But other than these, I'll never forget this mission and I'm going to play it again, that's for sure.
    It's a GREAT shame that this guy (Dennis) didn't make more missions. I wonder if he's still here and using another nickname.

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    where is blackjack

    well i ended up beating entire mission and never found the blackjack,good thing the guards are super smart
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    I did not write down where the blackjack is, but my notes do state that it's only present on easiest difficulty level, not on Hard or Expert.

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    ohh ok i was on expert so all good

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    Loot fix dml

    DML1//Freedom for Nepumuk//Fix loot//miss21.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 1185 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 1186 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 1190 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 1197 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 1198 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 1200 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 1201 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 843 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script

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