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Thread: Thief 3 Gold Loot in Blue Heron inn question

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    Thief 3 Gold Loot in Blue Heron inn question


    I can't find the 3rd special loot item in the blue heron inn, ive been running around for some time now, knocked out every single person, still cant find it! The ones I found are the little statue next to the fireplace in the lobby and the dagger in the chest in the peony suite. I'd much appreciate if someone could give me even a vague clue as to where is the 3rd one!

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    Look around the basement. More specifically, in the bookcase near the row of crates that you need to climb over. If all else fails, there's always the LootHunter.

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    Thank you very much good sir! I'd probably never found it on my own, you can't even see the damn thing without jumping.

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