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Thread: Difficulty differences

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    Difficulty differences


    Are there any reports on difficulty differences in thief 2 missions?
    I'm interested in all differences. Guard, Loot, Objectives differences.


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    Each mission listed in the wikia shows the differences. Start here:

    Edit: I see that it is not complete, but it's a good place to start.

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    Perfect! Thanks Brethren!

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    Regarding loot, equipment (e.g. arrows to be found somehweere in the map) & keys-placements I recommend to have a look at the lootmaps generated for both DromED & Lazytaffer linked to here:
    Note that DromED & Lazytaffer report on different kinds of items - besides loot.
    Availablity of stuff on certain diffigulty is indicated using colour-coded NHE

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