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Thread: Updated-Cataclysmic Revelations Campaign V1.2-NewDarkV1.21-Nov.3th,2014

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    mission 2:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gloria Creep View Post
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. I can't find the 2 keys. Perhaps you have better luck.
    I have become stuck at this point as well. So many nooks and corner hidden in the town portion, but I thought I had explored them all...

    edit to add: found them!
    in the city portion there is a round cistern and they are hidden nearby.
    specifically, light up the Keeper statue
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    walkthrough for missions 2-4

    Hello there

    I cannot find any help for missions 2-4. The walkthrough only seems to be only for mission 1

    Is there there a walkthrough for the whole campaign please?


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    Looks like I need to update the walk to include those missions. What specific help do you need?

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    Now i gotta "HEAR" the bell?

    Nice way to mock Deaf people mmm?

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    No mocking is intended. One of Cardia's missions uses 3d pictures to solve puzzles. A few of us have only one eye, but we didn't bitch about it.

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    Yes please Ricebug. A walkthrough would be great.

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsLair View Post
    After diligent beta testing by six of the best testers, I present:
    Cataclysmic Revelations Campaign

    Updated to V.1.2


    Lord Soth has provided a link to his site: Thankyou Lord Soth!
    Tried the Lord Soth link & got some page wibbling on about bitcoin, I wasn't sure if it was a drive by attempt or just an advert so I killed it

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    5th Virtue location

    Couldn't find 5th virtue been running around and tryin to find the location that the map showed and had no luck finding it ... Can ya help?

    Edit: I found it!
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    How do i kill those floating hammerheads?

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    Very entertaining campaign. The Salvation mission was pretty tough for me because I like to kill all the AI/creatures. The sword obtained later in the mission allowed me to do just that. I tried using the blackjack on a flying head but gave up after about a hundred whacks. Used holy throwing knives and necro stars on the rock/fire beasts. Used fire arrows on some of the flying heads but mostly whacked 'em with the sword because it's more satisfying. There was tons of quick saving to accomplish this task. I was rather disappointed that fighting the Trickster was not an option.

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    goal #2, "Collect some weapons, and all the weapons in the pit!" is somehow strange. You need to open the chests inside the pit.

    But the pit room brush will chancel this goal and there's no way around it.

    So there's a qvar trap to fulfill the goal and a qvar to cancel it.
    Has anybody ever made this? This is a riddle

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    I need two keeper keys, found none. I have just found one food and one water. And lastly, need to find Audale street. I guess i need to get pass the frobable stone, to the "town". Tried fire arrows at it, but that does not work.

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    I too cannot find the 2 keeper keys (Mission 2, Expert).

    OK, I think you have to use fire arrows to light the 2 torches either side of the statue in the enclosed circular water area. That opens up a wall panel in that same area.
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    just replay this series of missions and wow i am very impressed dewdrop was with the master builder made me so happy

    the sky in mission 2 was amazing,had a eclispe,a bluish planet and that massive red eye,the thief universe is so amazing

    only thing i think should have been added would be viktoria

    great job darthslair

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    active download link please

    Hello. most of the links to download are not active. Is there a link for the newest version? I read about a 400+ MB version, on thiefmissions it is 251MB.

    Thanks for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post

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    Virtue piont Five

    I've got everything except Virtue from position 5. As I can't seem to find it. According to the map it appears's to be off of the map, which seems odd. How do I get to the postion for position 5?

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    Replaying this extraordinarily good campaign and have finished mission 1, but does anyone know if once you have returned to the Real World can you get back to the Nether World? I didn't collect the ashes of the saints in the RW and need them to make the Frag Bombs whilst in the Nether World, now I have got back to the Real World I got the ashes and have all the ingredients to make the Frag Bombs, but I'm in the wrong world.

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    Belatedly I’ve played this for the first time on Beginner (Normal) difficulty.

    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    ... I got the ashes and have all the ingredients to make the Frag Bombs, but I'm in the wrong world.
    Argh! I never even got the ashes I couldn’t pick them up, however at some stage I seemed to pass a point of no return, so kept going and much later found ready-made frag bombs, but I never understood the significance of the different colours. Having said that there was a lot I didn’t understand and as usual didn’t know what was going on. Switching to forum thread for a hint on where to find the Sword of Faith didn’t help and I later realised I’d been looking at a thread for an earlier version. DOH!

    Now and again I thought "is that new or could I have done that in the original Thief mission if I'd only known?" Feeling very clever that I got across to the bottom portal (across from the Gate of no return) I stupidly stepped through it without reading the plate. But it was useful because making my way back I found lots of stuff I’d missed. It's a campaign that keeps giving and looking at the Stats for Mission 3 I was surprised I’d collected zero loot. I’d been so engrossed it hadn’t occurred to me there is no loot.

    It's an amazing campaign and like other players I was mesmerised by the end of part 3 (and part 4!). I assume the remaining Hammerites are male and female, so the world can re-populate? Clearly I'll have to play again to better understand. I went on to read the credits and names of everyone involved. Brilliant. Thank you all and especially DarthsLair. Tremendous job.
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