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Thread: T2 FM: The Violent End of Duncan Malveine (18th May 2020))

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    No worries, a very small kink in an otherwise impeccable mission.

    Finished in just under 6 hours (!) missing around 500 loot and according to the stats I found 75 playing cards - I assume this is because i dropped all I had at one point to clear my inventory a bit before I understood what to do with them.

    Really impressed with your dromed skills Nicked, would be awesome to see some masterclass videos from pros like yourself.

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    Keeper Argusson is right, there is a switch hidden under the desk of Duncan. It can only be seen from a special angle; you have to crouch near the lamp which stands to the left of the desk and then look at the desk to see something grey. It does light up if the player approaches it, but I could not press or otherwise use it.

    Only DromEd shows that it is some kind of switch. It is connected via "links" to a "Require All Trap" and the lamp. I think it is part of the mechanism that allows the player to "use" the lamp, and by doing that, the lamp can be switched on and off.

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