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Thread: It's back! Bestest FM 4: Wishy Washy! (16/01/08)

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    When I started, I wasn't sure you could pull a fourth winner.

    But then I heard the "shark" playing Jaws and I couldn't stop laughing. Points across the board!

    Do NOT stop making these.

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    I must've been asleep when this was released. Is there a walkthrough yet?


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    Bestest FMs - fuelling the obsessive compulsive

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    Dear Sluggs,
    you never cease to amaze us! Wow, and the Jaws theme too.

    Swam across like hell, not looking back. Quicksaved. Jumped back into the water to see whether I would be eaten. Stopped right in front of it, rode all the way to the end but was dumped on the shore instead of being crushed to death.

    And that lever ... on ;-) and :-/ I found it but nothing happened as evebody was in the lake already. On :-(, I clicked on it first

    Great fun,
    Congratulations and thanks,

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    An exercise in tedium. First you have to drag the bodies of all the occupants of the mansion into the lake. This is made more difficult by stairs which you have to mantle up each time you want to get to the upper floor. You can't simply walk up those stairs. After you complete the first objective, you then have to collect all the loot in the mansion. There is some up some high mantlepieces. You have to do cratestacking and guess what: You have to carry the crates up those stairs.

    I sunk 24 minutes of my life into Wishy Washy (easiest difficulty). Got 1600 out of 1700 loot.

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