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Thread: Thief 2 mission - Amoral Dilemma Feb. 15/09

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    sorry, meant the 2nd floor....
    Anyway, I did just that and nothing happened. In fact, I did it twice in different locations on the desk. Guess I'll try yet again. Thanks for the response. If it works, I'll get on with it. If not, I'll get on with another mission.
    Thanks again,


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    Still can't find a way into the police station. Where do I place the vine arrow?

    Of course, as soon as I write this I find two ways in. Through the roof that's protruding and luring the cop outside so he'll leave the gate open.
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    You can also walk across a pipe in a high-up location....

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    I can't find but 2 pieces of evidence. Can't get in the door to get Jeanette and I am about 100 short on loot. Where do I get the walkthrough and loot list, I am tired of hunting.

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    Thanks very much. Now to go and finish up.

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    Oh Man,

    not cool!

    Putting a stunningly gorgeous katana right in front of Garrett and not letting him have it!

    Damn! With a katana G would be way better than any guard!

    Not fair Not fair Not fair!
    (~does the Herman Munster tantrum stomp!~)

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    Just replayed this one, and really love it! First time around I blackjacked everybody, but this time I didn't do any damage - gameplay really was way more fun that way.

    I got in the gambling room first, and after getting in the Keeper's room, I decided to visite the police station first - I forgot the sheriff's key was somewhere else. After looting that one I went to Sebastian's, the sheriff's house, and the pub. Since I knew I would get to the Hammer area later, I decided to first steal the Weaping Widow, and do the Keeper's chest and the sheriff's safe later.

    I loved the sewer room with the two archers. Only after playing Vilnia a visit I discovered those grates on the ceiling, I first managed somehow to use the ladder without being discovered. A great idea, that should be used more in my opinion. In fact, the vine arrow in general could be used more.

    I went through the rest of the house; my favorite part were the marble floor rooms - I always like it when there is one place in the level with a little marble just to make it harder. (One of the reasons why I also love Saturio Returns Home). After that I left the mansion through the front gate and went to the Hammer area, stopping at the sheriff's safe and the Keeper's chest. The Hammer Temple was another great area to ghost, with lots of nice shadows. When I was looking for food in the freezer, a novice spotted me and warned his brethren. I managed to get to the other part of the temple and finished my business. With halve of the patrolling guards on higher alert, I managed to sneak out the kitchen entrance. After that I went to my apartment...and to BlackFyre again. I got in the same way as the first time, and this time made full use of the vine arrows in the secret room. I grabbed Jeannette and when I was back in the sewer room I heard Vilnia's angry voice: apparently she heard some screams from upstairs. I took the ladder in the sewer room and waited for four Hammerites patrols. After that I took the side exit and got out the front gate. I took Jeannette home via the streets.

    I finished the mission in 1 hour and 17 minutes, with only 2134/2829 loot... I did find 5 secrets though.

    I loved the looks of this mission, the story, and the ideas. But the best part about is that everytime you play it, the gameplay can be very different each time around. Thanks for this great mission Krush, I hope we will see more of those!

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    Ah, finally finished for real this mission. I had played it in multiplayer several times and on SP started out, but I finally finsihed in a proper manner.

    I could ramble so much about it.

    Also, I "kinda" ghosted it, but so not rly. I thought it was way more fun to stick with zero damage, but when I screw up, I save it anyway a part of the times. The resulting emotions were pure awesomeness. I let the only iron beast robots kill itself, the woman (Vilinia,was it?) was hyperactive afterwards, thouhg.

    I missed several hundreds of loot, 3 secrets, but gotall pickpockets,got myself a tad hurt from one of the screwups (at one point I had ~3 guards and the same amount of hammers after me, but by my apartment I used the awesomeness of the Keeper Medallion - way to make good bonus story for an invisibility potions secret Even tho I found it kinda illogical)

    Overall, great stuff. Glad I played it. Will there be another mission by you?

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    I really love this fanmission! Town & Mansion, my all time favourites!

    Also loved the keeper in the pub that is watching garrett and has 3 keeper medaillons that you can use like an invisibility potion. Very nice!

    Only thing I didnīt like much was the story. Like, garrett having a gf/wife and artemus leaving the keepers?! Utter nonsense but oh well

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    Hey, I'm having trouble getting the basement key from Jeanette right at the beginning of the mission. I guess she is supposed to put it on the table but it doesn't appear. Did anyone else have trouble with that?

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    I heard that can happen. But don't worry, the key is not needed. Due to an oversight the basement door can be picked open.

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    Okay, thanks!

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    Ooo I must have missed this one first time round, don't mind if I do, thanks @Krush

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