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Thread: New screenshots on official site.

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    New screenshots on official site.

    They're all marked 17.04 which I assume means they were posted today. This of course means that I am clairvoyant. I hadn't been to their site since the game was announced, but just now I thought to myself, I wonder if there's anything new?

    There's more on the site, some of which we've seen before. I love the contrast of the "near future" real world and the "scifi / fantasy" parallel world.

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    Wow, cool.
    That's funny because I just decided to visit this forum today for no particular reason, when I haven't for a long time, and here's a new set of screenshots.
    The first set remind me a little of a cramped Vienna. And yeah, loving the contrast it makes to the depressingly cookie-cutter, concrete apartments of the second set. If they play this idea right, it could work really well, I think.

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    The textures look a bit first-pass at present, which is understandable considering that it's still reasonably early in the development cycle. I love the architectural style though and I would imagine that it will take a fair bit of processor muscle to keep all that detail on screen with a playable fps rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    The first set remind me a little of a cramped Vienna.
    Well, it is meant to be Paris (right?), so... uuuuh

    fails to make any real point

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    love those screen shots, I bet that game would run real well on my new gfx card :-)

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    is it a 8800GTS_320mb

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    no dude it is a 8800gtx

    pay attention bond

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    I was distracted by a coffee. Give me a break. It's not the afternoon for some of us.

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    Jealously sits badly upon thee.

    In other news: the first few shots are great, but the ones with the characters in are, uh, awful. What is going on there?

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    I like this one.

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    The cathedral-ish section reminds me of the City from Thief - big towering stone buildings, rooftops, and forms overlapping each other. If it was set at night, it could probably even pass for Thief. They've also established some pretty impressive scale with the level design, which reminds me of Prince of Persia in that sense. Awesome stuff.

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    Damn! I really am in the desperate need of new hardware.
    I agree, the architecture looks really neat but the characters still need some work.

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    The two separate worlds remind me of Stark and Arcadia.
    The screens look pretty good, except for the idiot trying to shoot someone from far off with an uzi. I guess that's why he's part of a gang and not the law enforcement.

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    Great, it looks like a newer version of CS. And I mean where is Arx Fatalis Part Deux? I know I know, Dark Messiah, bah.

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    We should be paying even more attention to this game now that we know who is doing the story. It's one thing when former LGS people are working on a game, but throw in some TTLG alum and ...

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    No wonder the plot is so crazy.

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    Hmm, looks interesting. Not holding my breath, though... you can never really tell about a game from shots/movies.

    What I'm getting tired of, though, is seeing Half-Life 2 content everywhere, in games using the Source engine (referring to the trailer. These shots here look fairly original). The trashy city areas look too similar... The ghetto streets in the trailer (and the brief segment walking in the dark, with the flashlight), just scream HL2 and Ep1/Ep2. I really hope they change the flashlight texture, and maybe find some way to make the ghetto locations more original. Maybe toss some flair into the architecture, or put Christmas lights everywhere. ...err, maybe not Christmas lights... but something, because even that apartment building in the shots/trailer looks like it was taken right out of the same city block as the ones in HL2. (although the composition of most Half-Life 2 scenes is noticeably better. More depth, more color...)

    Half-Life 2 had these really awesome blue spotlights everywhere that gave it a lift (not outside in broad daylight, though)... I guess they could do something like that, using some certain style-set of objects that add personality to a place.
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