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Thread: New Dark messiah Server is here!!!

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    New Dark messiah Server is here!!!

    New Dark messiah Server is here!!

    Slots: 20
    Location: Amsterdam (EU)
    Type : Crusade
    Settings: Defualt

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    I have DARK M

    and haven't played any multiplayer games. Just in case I want to try, could you please explain how and what I need to do to get on-line with you? Do I add you in the list of servers as a fav with that IP address, etc.? I've only also played a few levels of the single game and last played was on Island with girl when trying to first fight the Orks. So as you can see I'm not all that experienced but the server on Steam doesn't seem to ever show but maybe one server I think and very few at times might be playing plus they have no watch option, which I wanted to do to see what it was like. Can you help please. Thanks

    ps: My normal screen name used is "Huntress"

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