DromEd Resources and Tutorials

- DromEd FAQ
- The Dromesday Book
- Tutorials
- Guide to Custom Resources for DromEd
- Object Repository - Forum thread

Tools and Utilities

- DromEd Basic Toolkit 1.13 (already includes some of the tools listed below)
- DromEd Level Editor Developer Textures Kit by EnYB0La
- GoalMaster by R Soul
- ConvMaster by R Soul
- ObjectZipper by R Soul
- Object Remove by R Soul
- BinMaster by R Soul (Replaces his earlier Dark Engine Object Converter Interface)
- AutomapPNG by R Soul
- Thief Font Converter by Telliamed
- Thief Song Compiler by Telliamed
- ParchEd by Telliamed
- CColor Converter 0.9 by Telliamed
- The Lazy Taffer by Telliamed
- Caustics Generator
- Dark Engine Static Object Import/Export Add-on for Blender
- Thief 2 Object Viewer v3.0
- Thief Edit

Other Resources for Mission Authors:

- Available Voice Actors
- Available Thief Artists
- The Guild Of Translators
- Best Mission Release Practices
- Mission Testing Forum

Older Versions:

- DromEd Toolkit 1.0
- DromEd Basic Toolkit 1.11