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Thread: Can't add custom family texture

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    Can't add custom family texture

    Hi, guys. I've moved a fan mission project from an old PC to a new one with a fresh Thief Gold / Dromed install. All textures are missing and I can't add any custom texture family I have on the "fam" folder: whenever I try I just get this error: "WARNING: No textures were found/loaded in family "customTex", family discarded"

    Every time I open one of the .mis files, it says it can't find the gamesys file but it's right there on the folder. Even if I try to "Set Custom Gamesys", save a new .mis and open this one, it still asks for it.

    I can see the textures in Object Hierarchy > Textures right on the bottom after the LavaTex property but I don't know what to do with them.

    What I am I missing here?

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    First of all make sure you have the latest version of NewDark. Dromed will say 1.27 in the title bar, though the following applies to any version from 1.19 onwards:
    The old way was to put the fam folder in the main installation folder (e.g. c:\....\ThiefG\fam), but that's messy because it mixes up your FM's files and folders with the ones from the installation.
    The new and better way is to install AngelLoader (or use the exising FMSel tool, but AL is more user-friendly). Put all of your FM's files in C:\...\ThiefG\FMs\your-fm-name
    You can also tell AL the location of any downloaded FM zip (archive) files.

    When you run AL (or click the refresh button) it'll list the folder for your FM and all the zip files it's found. Right click your FM and select Open FM in DromEd.

    Another benefit of AngelLoader/FMSel is that you can "install" multiple FMs at the same time (it will extract each zip file to C:\...\ThiefG\FMs\zip-file-name) which keeps all the files separate from each other but allows you to quickly and cleanly look at other FMs without having to uninstall/reinstall each one.

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    Here's a screenshot of the errors I'm getting:

    Here's some of the textures I can't add, on Objecty Hierarchy > Textures:

    Windows 11 btw, if that's any clue or help.

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    From the folder name in the second screenshot it's now apparent you've downloaded the custom resource pack for the TDP 20th Anniversay Contest and have then added additional files to it. There's no technical problem with that, but I'd recommend renaming the following subfolder:

    The next thing to check:
    Have you installed AngelLoader and told it where the game is installed, and where FM zip files are kept?

    If you've been using Darkloader to manage your FM playing, I recommend using that to revert back to the original game, then using AngelLoader exclusively from now on. Darkloader was great in its day but it's best to use something more recent to ensure things run smoothly.
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    The textures in the object hierarchy need to be moved into an appropriate category such as WoodTex so that they sound like wood in game. You can choose any category depending on what the texture is supposed to be. i.e. wood, metal, etc.

    Remember to save your gamesys file.
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    That advice, while correct, is completely unhelpful, because the problem he's having is that textures aren't loading at all.

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    You might already be doing this, but it helped me when I wasn't able to use textures outright. I was completely unaware that I had to run Dromed with a FM selector, before then I was unable to use any readables or custom resources when editing. You should use FMSelector or AngelLoader, I had problems with NewDarkLoader. I put the following in my cam_mod.ini:

    ; always start the FM Selector (if one is present)
    fm_selector fmsel.dll

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    ZylonBane is correct. The textures simply aren't loading at all.

    As soon as a I load the .mis and get asked to find the gamesys file...

    There's a ton of texture loading errors...

    The textures are all there in the fam folder. I donīt know why they're failing to load. Any ideas?

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    You need to use either FMSel or AngelLoader to run Dromed, rather than running the editor direcltly. I recommend AngelLoader as it's more visually appealing and will show the readme when it exists.

    Load AngelLoader, right click on the FM named after that folder (TDP_20AC_Resource) and select Open FM in Dromed.

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    It worked, thank you so much, R Soul!

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