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Thread: How would you rate NuThief?

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    I gave it a 6 - it had a few moments
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    Lol. Only 2 people who gave the game a 10 were trolling (at least I was).

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    Registered: May 2010
    I was very anti towards the game a couple of years ago, but, I must admit that it kinda grew on me. It's surely not as special as the former parts, but, as a stealth game, and when you see the setting standalone, it's not a bad game. I especially liked the game world, which is actually pretty great. Regarding the characters, it's more of a reboot than really a sequel, and, if you look at it that way, I think you can judge it more fairly.

    I'd give it a 7 or 8 on the Richter scale.

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    Registered: May 2018
    Giving it a 1 seems very generous. This game sucks in every aspect.
    Boring level design, boring enemies, bland and annoying characters(all of them), aspects that donīt make sense at all(like hoarding loot in a collection).
    No relation to the franchise at all.
    No thanks.

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    To each his own, but, I don't think any of your points is really valid, or not up to subjective opinion, like the bland and annoying characters. Although I admit that that's indeed a weak point (the characters). They're really not exactly good. Can't say that the level design is boring though (actually, the game world is great, as are the levels). And, "no relation to the franchise at all"? It's a different game, and has a different style/character, but, objectively, there are loads of similarities. It's a reboot though, not a remaster, or something similar. Just like the new Deus Ex' are reboots of the franchise. I think the mistake many make is that they expect a Thief 4, in the vein of the old Thief parts. Thus it's not called Thief 4, but, simply, Thief.

    I see it and judge it as a different game. If I would have expected Deus Ex Human Revolution to be a Deus Ex 3, I probably would have been deeply disappointed too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udo View Post
    Giving it a 1 seems very generous. This game sucks in every aspect.
    Ah, this is a good example of why I don't normally trust user reviews at all when it comes to games. It seems that most people should be using a scale of 1 to 2 (where 1 = sucks and 2 = best game ever omg!!), rather than 1 to 10. From a purely objective point of view it just doesn't make sense to give Thief a 1, that'd be abusing the review system and just wrong.

    And just to be clear, I still don't think that Thief is a great game. It's quite far from being great really; Thief has got some rather annoying flaws (especially in the storytelling and lore department) and I could easily name a lot of games that are much better. But then again there are some really nice features in the game too, and I could just as easily name a whole lot of games that are much worse than Thief. For me, Thief falls somewhere in the average area.

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    Yep. I think the Metacritic average of 70/100 is pretty much spot on for the game.

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    Just got done playing through the game for the first time since I got it for free as part of a bundle. Installed it, started it up and...slideshow. I proceeded to spend a few hours getting it to run acceptably (by which I mean more than 15 FPS) on my PC, which runs other games, such as EVE Online, quite well, thank you very much. And that includes time I spent tweaking INI files. Eventually got it working a resolution of 800x600.

    Setting up the keyboard layout revealed a case of console-itis that needed to be wrestled with before I could move around in the game without accidentally doing an "interact" action every time I did a "move right."

    Game misfeatures:
    1. Frequently performed actions that take control away from you for a few seconds while you watch Garrett go through the motions of doing it.
    2. Frequently performed actions that require you to mash a button repeatedly. These are always completely unnecessary button-mashings, and are always combined with #1 above.
    3. The game messing with the FOV every time you crouch or run. Friggin' annoying. If I ever play the game again, I'll be looking for INI settings that get rid of this.
    4. An anemic zoom when you hit the "zoom" key. Again, going to look for INI settings.
    5. Boss fights.
    6. Scripted "do it right or die" action sequences with no saving allowed during them. Maybe they should rename the game Grand Theft Money-Purse or something.
    7. Unsuspicious guards can detect you from much farther away than in previous games, even in the darkest darkness that the game has to offer.

    The main plot frequently dips into "Ridiculous and Stupid" territory, but otherwise is reasonably Thief-like. There are a few humorous moments here and there, but not enough of them, and there's no equivalent of Benny and his grumpy friend here. The hints that the game gives that this is "same City, different era" helped ease the pain of having no Hammerites, Pagens. or Keepers. Also, I didn't appreciate being forced to trudge through the city from end to end repeatedly just to get to all the missions and side jobs.

    On a positive note, Stephen Russell's replacement did good, and whoever voiced Basso did a bang-up job.

    Overall, an all right game on its own merits, but a disappointing Thief entry.
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    Rated it as a 5. If it were it's OWN game. . .not trying to pose as Thief. . .I probably would have quite liked it. I mean, it wasn't perfect. . .but it was fun.
    With the Thief element added in, you can't, of course, help but 'compare' it to the others - or at least try to attach it to the series and. . .its a bit more of a struggle. The story. . .I didn't hate. . .but I hate. Or, should I be more specific. I liked the part about the baron and the gloom, and Orion, etc. I hated the part about Erin. It had some moments that made me smile, some fun 'action' segments that weren't too much for my style of playing. It had its 'mechanics' issues too, but all in all. . I still had fun. But yeah, as a Thief sequel. . .ehh. . .not so much. If I could, I'd send them back to the drawing board for some serious edits before they release this. -.-

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    So my opinion is very weird.
    First of the game is not saveable just by switching the name over...
    The gameplay is still very linear and clungy, the level design is linear as all hell and the story is insulting.

    But here are some things thief 2014 did right...
    The gameplay actually works...
    The graphics are optimized, clean and fitting...

    I cannot give this game a bad grade... thats why i gave it a 6.
    I dont think its bad but i think its borderline good.

    This game also showed us how big the stealth community really is... there is a real market here.

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