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Thread: Help!!! The truth flameblade mission

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    Help!!! The truth flameblade mission

    The Missions that Alexia is giving me are getting to hard for my taste, now she wants me to retreive two lost broken pieces in order to rebuild the so called truth flameblade, i found one that Karold gave me, but know i must aquire the last piece in the museum, but only if i give something in exchange like two items in the list below:
    Auriel's Bow ebony_bow_auriel
    Auriel's Shield ebony_shield_auriel
    BiPolar Blade Bipolar Blade
    Bloodworm Helm bloodworm_helm_unique
    Boots of the Apostle boots_apostle_unique
    Boots of Blinding Speed boots of blinding speed[unique]
    Bow of Shadows longbow_shadows_unique
    Chrysamere claymore_chrysamere_unique
    Cuirass of the Savior's Hide cuirass_savior_unique
    Fang of Haynekhtnamet dagger_fang_unique
    Dagger of Symmachus glass dagger_symmachus_unique
    Dragonbone cuirass dragonbone_cuirass_unique
    Ebony Mail ebon_plate_cuirass_unique
    Eleidon's Ward towershield_eleidon_unique
    GoldBrand katana_goldbrand_unique
    Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw helm_bearclaw_unique
    Ice Blade of the Monarch claymore_iceblade_unique
    Lord's Mail lords_cuirass_unique
    Mace of Molag Bal mace of molag bal_unique
    Mace of Slurring Mace of Slurring
    Ring of Phynaster ring_phynaster_unique
    Robe of the Lich robe_lich_unique_x
    Skull Crusher warhammer_crusher_unique
    Spear of Bitter Mercy spear_mercy_unique
    Spell Breaker spell_breaker_unique
    Staff of Hasedoki staff_hasedoki_unique
    Staff of Magnus staff_magnus_unique
    Stendarr's Hammer
    (Pre-set at Museum) stendar_hammer_unique
    Ten Pace Boots tenpaceboots
    Umbra Sword longsword_umbra_unique
    Vampiric Ring ring_vampiric_unique
    Veloth's Judgement daedric warhammer_ttgd
    Warlock's Ring ring_warlock_unique

    And i havent got any of this items, any suggestions where can i look for one of this items, ive been searching in the traders where i use to bart with, but they dont have anything, and i dont recall selling any of this items to them, do i really have to seek in the whole Varfendell region for this items??? isnt there another way of getting the last broken piece (Dwemer Battle Shield) without having all this crazy work?

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    It was not so long ago that you were wondering what you could do after completing the main Morrowind quest. Perhaps you should see this as a welcome opportunity to explore Vvardenfell with a sense of purpose again.

    I am surprised that you have not received rumors of many of these artifacts during your travels. They speak of Umbra in Suran and the Lord's Mail in Ebonheart. If you are in the Guild of Mages, Ajara gives you clues to find the Staff of Magnus and the Warlock's Ring. The Boots of Blinding Speed are offered as payment for helping a merchant met along the road in the West Gash. That is just to name a few. You really should interact with NPCs more. Many (all?) of the Daedric quests offer artifacts as rewards for completing them.

    Since you have all the ID's of these items, you can avoid all this 'crazy work' by adding them to your inventory through the console.

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    I get the impression that you just rammed through the main quest and didn't do much exploring or any side quests. You're not going to find any of those items at a merchant, and at least two of them can be obtained outdoors. Go out and explore. Talk to people. Do some quests.

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    I really love to explore, but it comes to a time when you know youve seen enough, theres nothing else new that i will find, no offense but its almost all alike in some places, the houses, the castles, the caves, and other places, they are beautifull yes, but very repetitive in some areas. the only thing that captivates me now its the gameplay and the storyline...and ive got new games waiting for me

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    Oh well then, on to your new disappointments. Don't let the 80% of the content that you haven't seen yet keep you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeeperStorm View Post
    Oh well then, on to your new disappointments. Don't let the 80% of the content that you haven't seen yet keep you.

    Ive adopted another hour to play this game, i will continue playing this great game, youre right PeeperStorm its difficult to find good games like Morrowind, ill be glad to explore the rest of the map and perform new missions.

    some questions:

    -What patch do you suggest to install? is there any enchanted textures for this game? in order to replace the old ones?

    -can i join more than one guild?

    -what musics do you hear while you are playing this game?

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    There is at least one texture replacement for enchanted items, but I forget what it's called. Try searching Planet Elder Scrolls.

    As far as non-texture mods, I like all of the official Bethesda freebies, GIANTS, Illuminated Order, Dave Humphrey's Furniture Store, Abandoned Flat, Magical Trinkets of Tamriel, Book Rotate, CM Partners, Weathered Signposts, Ring Texture Fix, Moon's Spawn, Tales of the Bitter Coast, and all the mods that I've made (search for the author name "Sandman").

    You can be a member of all of the guilds, one of the three Houses (choose one), the Tribunal Temple, the Imperial Cult, and the Morag Tong all at the same time. Be warned that one of the guild quests will get you banned from one of the other guilds without any chance to rejoin if you complete it.

    I haven't changed the music of the game at all. The soundtrack suits me just fine.

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    Found the Iceblade of the Monarch!... one item there a way to locate objects in the map? Does the construction set has that function? Suppose that i killed someone with an important item, and i leave the body for a few hours without taking anything away from the body, does the body remain there after i return from several hours of game? Ive noticed that some bodies disapear without i dispose its corpse, and so the items included in the body, you think i might have lost important items? is it possible to retreive them in another way?

    One more thing Ive got the Hallu Guards trying to kill me, how do i stop them attacking me?

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    Yes, you can locate an object in the construction set to see in what dungeon or on which NPC the item is. (But if you're looking for a short-cut anyway, why not just use the console to give yourself an artifact?)
    Otherwise you "are stuck" trying to find the items the old-fashioned way... by listening to rumors, talking to NPCs, exploring and doing some side-quests.

    Many corpses will disappear after a certain amount of time has passed (IIRC 3 in-game days). After that everything still on that corpse will be lost.
    There are some corpses who will not disappear but stay on permanently but it is not readily apparent which are which.
    To be safe you should take everything that you might want to use/sell/wear later and put it on the ground (preferably in a location you'll remember), as items will not disappear.

    If you think you might have lost an important item in such a way, you can always get another one via the console command.
    Press ~ to get the console.
    Enter player->additem"name_of_the_item_as_it_is_listed_in _the_construction_set",1

    The guards want your hide probably because you were seen doing some crime - maybe stealing, maybe killing someone.
    Check your stats, it should tell you wether you have a bounty and how much it is.
    To get rid of the bounty, you can
    1) pay the guards when and if they approach you to talk
    2) join the Thieves' Guild and let someone there take care of the bounty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardia1 View Post
    -What patch do you suggest to install? is there any enchanted textures for this game? in order to replace the old ones?
    If I did not want to invest much time in my Morrowind installation, I would install Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.4 and Morrowind Code Patch v1.2 definitely (as a side effect you can drop mods like Ring Texture Fix and spelling correcting mods).

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    I think ive screwed things, ive sold to the museum 3 pieces, but the lady that has the las piece (dwemer shield) wants more precious items, ive read the walktrough, and ive should have donate at least two pieces so i could get the last piece for the truth flameblade, darn it!!! i dont have a previous save, also i tried to add some of those items in the command box, but i cant make it work, ive tried something like this:"dragonbone_cuirass_unique " or like this: "additem dragonbone_cuirass_unique " how should i spell the objects in the command box? and how do i load the morrowind map with the construction set and how do i locate objects? Im really tired of searching for this items, this is an insane task

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    To give yourself an item via the console you have to enter the command exactly as follows: player->additem"dragonbone_cuirass_unique",1

    (the "player->" part tells the game whom to give the item to)
    (and you have to put the itemname in quotation marks)
    (and you have to specify how many copies of an item you want - in above case it's once)

    For finding ANY item and/or description how to acquire it, I highly recommend yo take a look at The Unoffical Elder Scroll Pages
    They have in-depth descriptions of all the artifacts and how to get them.

    Location of the Dragonbon Cuirass ingame

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    Thanks MasterDieb, found that armor well hidden , donated to the Lady in the museum and finally she gave me the last piece to forge the thruthflameblade, got the blade forged and power up with fired thanks to a ghost, went to a Mechanist Facility, where i had to find againd Almalexia. guess its all over now with Tribunal right?

    Ive installed the bloodmoon already, im already exploring the new Island...though according to the manual i should be carefull not to be infected by a wolfman, or ill become like one of them within 3 days, how should i avoid being infected? how do i cure myself if i get infected? who are the creatures that might infected me?

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