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Thread: Yesss!!!Finished BloodMoon!!! all is finished

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    Yesss!!!Finished BloodMoon!!! all is finished

    I found that Bloodmoon was much easier than Tribunal, Tribunal was a headache in the two last goals...Morrowind was the longest game i ever played, and Im glad that this was a fun game to play, Great gameplay, architecture, great soundtrack, Jeremy Soule is a fine artist...Someday i will replay this game and explore all quests and corners left to be visited...Now its time to play Oblivion

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    So you're moving to Oblivion spoilers thread now?
    Gratz on finishing Morrowind - one of the best RPGs the world has seen

    Wow, you posted you were exploring the island on 26th May so you're done like in a few days? Must have been really hooked on it

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    Congratulations, cardia. See you in Cyrodiil.

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    I played this game one hour per day since i started...indeed one of the best RPG ive ever before i see you at the Oblivions section i must upgrade my pc so i can play Oblivion at its best conditions, lucky for me i bought the last version of Oblivion that includes the two expantions

    Many thanks for your help on Morrowind...ill see you around

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