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Thread: Controlled aerial descent from the throat to Riverwood and other rocketry.

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    Controlled aerial descent from the throat to Riverwood and other rocketry.

    I started playing around with physics, and getting to and jumping from difficult places in Skyrim the other day. I was reminded of the old days playing around with the dark engine, in particular dropping things mid-fall to prevent damage, and how you could get a little height by dropping an item into yourself and jumping a few times.

    It seems something similar works in Skyrim, whereas you can land briefly on dropped objects, although if you wait too long during a fall the velocity will kill you no matter what, and you'll get death by apple, shoe, or other squishy object. Better still, you can leap off of the dropped objects to get a little height and forward velocity.

    Doing so, it is very easy to leap from the top of the throat of the world and land safely in the centre of Riverwood every time, leaving a trail of detritus behind you as you control your descent. An even larger drop awaits off the NE side. No mods, no character builds necessary, just a large number of items, preferably in multiples of 5. Although based on slightly-wonky physics, the principle is similar to rocketry: to violently expel matter in a downwards direction. Indeed, you can rocket propel yourself upwards from the ground if you do this technique fast enough, although it is more difficult and annoying to do so and my own attempts have me hovering up and down just a few stories off the ground. This might be a way to reach otherwise inaccessible places.

    It seems that some items work better than others: for instance food items than split like potatoes and leeks, dropping two potions at once, and firewood and metal ingots. On the other hand, propelling gems downwards is rather pretty and sparkly. If you are particularly OCD, you can also play a hunting game looking for the dropped items afterwards. In any case, it is amusing to see your kicked items bounce down the mountain while you remain safely suspended mid-air.

    Further, you can also shout, although the timing is tight and difficult to pull off reliably. I can get well over half-way to Whiterun just by dropping, so with skill and practice with shouts and maybe upwards rocketry, it might be possible to land right at the city.

    I used to read and sometimes post at TTLG over a decade ago, but have long since forgotten my username and password. I wouldn't have posted this at all, but I can't seem to find anyone else online that has noticed this and it is a bit of fun. I was also reminded of the fun back in the day exploring and exploiting the thief worlds.

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    You should make a video. I'd like to see that.

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    Unfortunately I have this on a console, so cannot record a stream easily. This would look good as a video, but only with the menu interface for dropping edited out of of the stream.

    Also, I cannot remember if it is possible to edit the title of threads. The spelling for this one is indecent.
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    Actually it was very decent . I've fixed it but you should be able to do it in future yourself by editing the first post and going into advanced mode.

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    We should have a video of this for posterity. I'll maybe try it this weekend, but others might try too.

    How high in the air are you, like high in the stratosphere or not too high, and is your path in big waves or more or less a steady line? And how fast are you throwing things, every second or a bit slower pace?

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