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Thread: Thief TTRPG in "Blades in the Dark"

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    Thief TTRPG in "Blades in the Dark"

    Hey Taffers.

    I'm a long time Thief fan who's been dying for more thief after replaying 1&2 recently. I am looking to run a TTRPG on Roll20 using the Blades in the Dark rules that is set in the the City and Thief universe. I'm looking for Thief fans who would be interested in exploring the game world through role-playing.

    If you're not sure what Blades in the Dark is, its a table top role playing game (like dungeons and dragons) where the rules have been constructed around being thieves. I'm looking for probably 3-5 players. I will probably run the games unless someone else really wants to. I figured I would start with thief fans, before looking for players in TTRPG groups as this is really about enjoying the Thief universe more.

    Links to the rule book and how to play videos are below if you are interested.

    Blades in the Dark Rulebook

    YouTube Videos for the Rules

    I'm thinking of playing sometime during the weekdays, starting around 6-7PM US Pacific Time.

    Please let me know if you're interested.

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    BitD is pretty amazing - I kickstarted it up solely based on the fact that Thief is one of it's inspirations. I also recommend looking at Dusk City Outlaws, if you haven't.

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    thanks for the req. I'll look up Dusk City Outlaws now.

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    Curious as to what you'll do with the rules around ghosts and such if you're porting to the Thief setting?

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