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Thread: Deadly Premonition

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    Finished Deadly Premonition 2. That was really QUITE SOMETHING.

    I liked it a lot. Even though the performance and super-repetetive combat gameplay left a lot to be desired, the game delivered where it counts. With its great characters and gripping, crazy-ass story.

    Also there was a patch released this week which improves the framerate a bit.

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    I won't play it, but I'll find a brisk Let's Play...

    It's funny: few people can pull off the "compelling batshit" kind of story, Lynch and Swery among them. When anyone else tries, a critic will note "yeah, it's a Twin Peaks homage" and move on to other attributes. However, those few who can do it, can somehow do it consistently: every movie/game/story they make is compelling batshit, where other creators struggle to make just one.

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