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Thread: HDMOD Character Models and Meshes Issue.

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    HDMOD Character Models and Meshes Issue.

    I have already posted this issue on the Thief FM Thread about the mission Ascend the Dim Valley before I made this new post and decided that this thread was the proper place for it so any admin or moderator can remove the original post on the FM thread.
    So after I played the Thief Gold FM, Ascend the Dim Valley, the character models and Garrett's arm texture from the HDMOD will not work anymore and it loads the standard character models and arm textures. I'm having difficulty posting the screenshots that I have on my PC at home and any help would be appreciated.
    Update: Went ahead and deleted original post.

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    I've just looked into it, and I believe I've figured out the issue: the fm.cfg for Ascend The Dim Valley has 'character_detail 0' in it for compatibility's sake, so that unsupported high-poly TG meshes don't load.
    Normally, fm.cfg will not overwrite settings for your base installation. However, some cam.cfg files don't include the 'character_detail 0' command by default, so it hasn't so much overwritten your default as added a new default.
    Put 'character_detail 1' in your cam.cfg file, and that should hopefully fix the issue. Though I don't have HD Mod installed to confirm at the moment.

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    Thank you sir. I will look into it as soon as I get home from work.

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