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Thread: [Release] Thief 2 30 & 60 FPS Video Pack [ESRGAN & DAIN improved]

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    [Release] Thief 2 30 & 60 FPS Video Pack [ESRGAN & DAIN improved]

    All Thief 2 cutscenes were processed through multiple ESRGAN models followed by some manual editing. Then, the FPS was improved from 15 to 30, then 30 to 60.

    Make sure to watch all videos in at least 720p, otherwise you won't see a significant difference.


    This has now been uploaded to the following sites:
    Nexus Mods

    Download link:
    File size: 4.08 GB

    The best results are seen in the B16, CS05, CS10, CS16 and INTRO videos.

    Here's a comparison against multiple original clips with the ESRGAN & DAIN improved version.

    YouTube videos were formatted to fit the 16:9 resolution, but the videos to download are in their standard 4:3 AVI format. I have personally tested all of them and verified they work in game without issue.

    In-game example:

    Backup original video files.
    Copy and paste into MOVIES folder.

    **30 FPS Pack Info**
    B01-640x480||30FPS||129 MB
    b02-640x480||30FPS||141 MB
    B04-640x480||30FPS||182 MB
    B05-640x480||30FPS||94.1 MB
    B06-640x480||30FPS||102 MB
    B07-640x480||30FPS||166 MB
    b08-640x480||30FPS||98.9 MB
    b09-640x480||30FPS||84.1 MB
    b10-640x480||30FPS||73.2 MB
    b11-640x480||30FPS||171 MB
    B12-640x480||30FPS||168 MB
    B13-640x480||30FPS||84.8 MB
    b14-640x480||30FPS||261 MB
    b15-640x480||30FPS||108 MB
    B16-640x480||30FPS||147 MB
    CREDITS V2-640x480||30FPS||61.4 MB
    CREDITS-640x480||30FPS||70.7 MB
    CS05-640x480||30FPS||129 MB
    CS10-640x480||30FPS||105 MB
    CS16-640x480||30FPS||75.3 MB
    DEATH-640x480||30FPS||4.35 MB
    INTRO-640x480||30FPS||59.5 MB
    SUCCESS-640x480||30FPS||3.06 MB
    **60 FPS Pack Info**
    B01-640x480||60FPS||129 MB
    b02-640x480||60FPS||141 MB
    B04-640x480||60FPS||182 MB
    B05-640x480||60FPS||94.1 MB
    B06-640x480||60FPS||102 MB
    B07-640x480||60FPS||166 MB
    b08-640x480||60FPS||98.9 MB
    b09-640x480||60FPS||84.1 MB
    b10-640x480||60FPS||73.2 MB
    b11-640x480||60FPS||171 MB
    B12-640x480||60FPS||168 MB
    B13-640x480||60FPS||84.8 MB
    b14-640x480||60FPS||261 MB
    b15-640x480||60FPS||108 MB
    B16-640x480||60FPS||147 MB
    CREDITS V2-640x480||60FPS||61.4 MB
    CREDITS-640x480||60FPS||70.7 MB
    CS05-640x480||60FPS||129 MB
    CS10-640x480||60FPS||105 MB
    CS16-640x480||60FPS||75.3 MB
    DEATH-640x480||60FPS||4.35 MB
    INTRO-640x480||60FPS||98.2 MB
    SUCCESS-640x480||60FPS||5.02 MB
    Link to a complete playlist:

    There is a CREDITS V2 video. This has a different, royalty-free song that I felt fit better. If you want to use it, delete the V2 from the name and replace the original.

    Thanks (credits)
    Akven for getting me started with ESRGAN.
    Child of Karras and musictaffer for improving the audio.

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    This is some excellent work! Don't you want to make a release on ModDB as an addition to the whole ESRGAN pack?

    What codec did you use for video?

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    Yeah, once I finish uploading all of the videos to YouTube I figured I would release it on ModDB & The Nexus.

    Used the included H.264 codec in Adobe Premiere. I can give a much more detailed break down of how everything was processed in a message if you'd like.

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    I will delete my version when and reupdate moddb description to use your packs)

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    You have some error in your description))
    INTRO-640x480||30FPS||98.2 MB
    SUCCESS-640x480||30FPS||5.02 MB

    INTRO-640x480||60FPS||98.2 MB
    SUCCESS-640x480||60FPS||5.02 MB

    Total file size is different but file sizes are the same. It's not matters anything, just wanted to note)

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    Ok, watched on the big screen - where are some issues with fonts.. What models did you use?

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    I'll PM you the details later today.

    Updated the file sizes in the post. Will update the downloadable file later today.

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    Pretty impressive! Do you plan to do Thief Gold cutscenes/briefings, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
    Already done. Check my signature.
    So cool! Thanks for doing them.
    Every time I see the mission briefing for T2 and hearing the audio for it, including ambience, it sure takes me briefly back to my first days of playing Thief. Hope I never forget that feeling

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